Alex Wesker

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User Info: squiggy9996999

5 years ago#11
alex wesker sums up ridiculous RE fanboyism in a nutshell.

we've basically read two lines about him in files from RE5 and now he already seems to have a legion of "fans" (see leon) who will freak at anyone who suggests he -

A - is not in the game
B- is in the game
C- isn't 100% aweseomness

you get the idea. :)

User Info: Doom_Infinite

5 years ago#12
SPOILERS were missing for this thread but I digress.

He has more info in Gold edition but there's really enough to hint at him being the new orchestrating antagonist of the series, I still haven't gotten over how they wiped Spencer out in a blink after building him up for all those years, so for all we know Alex will appear in one scene and die, you never know what Capcom can pull off.
I am yours to command, point out our foes and step out of my way. - Adam, Shining Force

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