Plot Predictions: Spencer's Legacy? (Some RE5 spoilers)

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User Info: Remjexhai

5 years ago#1
This is my first board post, so I apologize if the following information has already been presented.

I was playing Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares today, and came across some interesting information that could shed some light on the identity of the mysterious 3rd protagonist featured prominently in the Resident Evil 6 trailer. The following excerpts can be found within Spencer's memoirs, found in the various bookshelves of Spencer's study room:

"I lost much in human capital following Umbrella's bankruptcy, but I still have Alex, the best and brightest of them all, and the last of my children. I have faith that if anyone can find a cure for the ailment of time that keeps me from assuming my role as the head of mankind, it is Alex. Alex will find a way."

"...Most children are held back by the limits of their own intellect, but not so with Alex. I've never witnessed anyone so adept at absorbing the talents of others simply by observing them. I could not be more pleased. Alex displays superior qualities to everyone else. I've provided everything Alex and the other researchers would need to conduct their research: unlimited funding, top-of-the-line equipment, research materials, and an endless supply of test subjects. The only thing wanting is time.

"They will conduct their research on an isolated island in the South Seas that is home to an abandoned military installation from a nearby country. Alex has already gone there with a group of research assistants, research materials, and hundreds of test subjects."

"...I have waited, and waited, and still no word from the island. It's been a year since they left, and I've sent thousands upon thousands of test subjects for their research."

"...Finally! A report of success! The news alone has sent a new surge of energy coursing through my veins. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived. Alex has disappeared! I would be less concerned if that were the only regrettable report from the island. The other researchers are also nowhere to be found! Neither are the thousands of test subjects! And most importantly, all the research materials including the final virus that was to make me a god cannot be located! I have allowed myself to be betrayed again! I should have learned from my mistakes with Albert!"

And now, and excerpt from the 3rd memoir of Spencer's butler, Patrick:

"Then one day he asks me to find a certain man and make him aware of the master's whereabouts. I do not know why he would go to such lengths to contact this man, but perhaps he wanted to see if someone could find him. The man in question is one Mr. Albert Wesker..."

"...(There's another file here. It looks to be a list of test subjects.)
...012: Alex
013: Albert
The number of candidates has been limited to the 13 individuals listed above."

SO, if we put all this together, it seems that Spencer asked his butler to contact Albert in the hopes of finding his brother Alex and returning the stolen virus. Obviously, his plan backfired, with Albert killing Spencer and adopting his "Right to be a God" persona.

But what happened to Alex? Is it possible that he injected himself with the acclaimed "immortality virus", and is now marketing his godlike abilities to the highest bidder?

I'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback on this prediction :)

User Info: deathjr96

5 years ago#2

Umm.... you know we've been discussing that this would be in RE6 before RE6 was even announced right?

User Info: Remjexhai

5 years ago#3
I figured as much, but just felt like putting it out there for anyone who may not have known.
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