Ok, to be honest, the only real reason I'm excited is for Leon

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  3. Ok, to be honest, the only real reason I'm excited is for Leon

User Info: Gaming_Mastery

5 years ago#1
Anybody else feel like this? Not necessarily with Leon though, I know there's quite a few Chris fans.

He's probably one of my favorite characters of all time, and when I saw him in the trailer, with stubble and a leather jacket (Not as good as his Bomber from RE4 but good enough) I almost fainted with excitement at the thought that I get to play as him again. There ARE other cool stuff in the game I'm excited for (like the possibility the new guy is HUNK, which is also awesome), but Leon is the only reason I really want this game.
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User Info: TwilightWolf000

5 years ago#2
I wouldn't say he was the only reason, but my god he is a big part of it. Leon is my favorite RE character(not saying I don't like Chris, cause he's also awesome) and to see his part in the trailer be as awesome as it was, makes me much more excited then I would be otherwise.

Also excited for Merc and Blondie (any word on who they are?).

This may be actiony, and I know some people won't like that, but holy crap am I gonna love this game.
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

5 years ago#3
If that merc is really Alex Wesker, then I'm excited for all three protagonist.

I like Chris and Leon respectively coupled by the fact you maybe getting some form of a Wesker child related to Albert possibly just sounds so damn good on paper. I just hope it's a solid game and in-house Capcom does flawlessly. I wouldn't want another ORC, those boards are in so much turmoil / denial / and ass backwards trolling over the low scores that it's not even funny anymore for a very good reason.
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User Info: CTU_007

5 years ago#4
I'm sick to death of both Chris and Leon.

Claire and Jill FTW!

User Info: Daz_DW

5 years ago#5
^ Ah well both Claire and Jill may appear again to be honest.

User Info: Henk_m

5 years ago#6
I am rather more excited about Beard,Helena,Merc guy and blonde chick (hopefully Sherry)in that case.

Had prefered anyone of all protaganist of the series then Chris and Leon.

So no Leon(nor Chris)wont be the reason I will get this one
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User Info: CTU_007

5 years ago#7
^ Ah well both Claire and Jill may appear again to be honest.

But not as playable lead characters. At most we can expect them in a bonus mode like mercenaries but thats it :(

User Info: deathjr96

5 years ago#8

Slight correction TC; there is NO chance that guy is HUNK

User Info: Strange_love129

5 years ago#9
TC has a mancrush on Leon. Anyway, I am more excited about the new characters and the blonde girl than Chris and Leon. Jill is my favorite protagonist and I hope she is in this game.
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User Info: spectha

5 years ago#10
I don't really like Leon. I want Barry back or Claire.
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  3. Ok, to be honest, the only real reason I'm excited is for Leon

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