Which RE games have you played?

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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

5 years ago#11
Cobra1010 posted...
4 questions

1. Which RE games have you played?

2. Do you like RE4? (e.g. yes, no, ok)

3. Do you like RE5?

4. How does RE6 look to you?

RE1 (original, directors cut, PSN)
RE2 (original, dualshock/game cube version, PSN)
RE3 (orignal, Gamecube, PSN)
RE CVX (PS2, Gamecube, HD)
RE Survivor
RE Dead aim
RE4 (ps2, Gamecube, Wii, HD)
RE5 Gold edition
RE outbreak and file 2
RE umbrella and Darkside Chronicles (waiting for the hd versions)
RE0 (gamecube, WII)
REmake (gamecube, WII)
RE Deadly Silence
RE Mercs 3d

2. I loved it for a while but its appeal is finally run its course

3. I really enjoy RE5, Co-op story was fun and so was mercs/mercs reunion. Lost in nightmares was a nice nod to RE1 with the mansions being similar. Desperate escape was a cool action packed chapter to see how jill met up with josh.

4. Incredible...cant wait for this game to come out
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User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#12
1. All of them except for Gun Survivor.

2. Mostly. RE4 was a phenomenal new experience in terms of execution as well as gameplay at the time. It's not hard to like. Given that though, the game did remove many Resident Evil elements and changed the ones that remained - it became unrecognizable.

3. Hell no. The game's only redeeming quality, online co-op, is done much better by other titles and I'd rather pay for those than shell out clams for garbage.

4. Not enough gameplay to decide. Aesthetics-wise I'm not liking it. Capcom rarely impresses or surprises me.

User Info: Dicer7

5 years ago#13
1. Which RE games have you played?

Main series: RE0, RE (Director's Cut), REmake, RE2, RE3:Nemesis, RE: Code Veronica, RE4, RE5, RE: Revelations

Side-games: RE: Outbreak (Files 1 & 2), RE: Dead Aim, RE: Umbrella Chronicles, RE: Darkside Chronicles, RE: Operation Raccoon City

2. Do you like RE4? (e.g. yes, no, ok)

I love it. It was probably the most fun I had with any single-player game last generation. People can argue that it threw away all the things that made RE scary but to me this series hasn't been very good in the horror department to begin with. It was a much needed change.

3. Do you like RE5?

Somewhat. It's a fun game, I won't deny that. But it was a mediocre single-player experience compared to RE4 and managed to turn Wesker who was one of the greatest and elusive antagonists in gaming history into a comic book villain. It felt so shallow and cheap compared to RE4.

4. How does RE6 look to you?

I think it looks great. I'm a little iffy on how the new character will play into the game, though.

User Info: Cobra1010

5 years ago#14
Damn, a lot of RE veterans here.

Shame to say RE4 was the game that got me into the RE series. Loved RE4 to bits back then. Played at least 70 playthroughs. REmake was scary to me at the time and i knew the gameplay was totally different to RE4 but i still gave it ago. I loved it too. I had to use a guide but it was still a great experience. So i went and got RE0 as well. Good old Gamecube days.

I heard many great things about RE2 and Code Veronica but i sold my ps1 by the time i had a gamecube so i never had the chance to play those. The graphics kinda put me off a bit. Might eventually give those a go as well if they are cheap on psn.

Lastly, i think RE6 looks like RE5 with a bit of atmosphere put back in, at least for the Leon parts. I still enjoyed RE5 a lot with the coop but it was a different kind of enjoyment from the previous REs. Still looking forward to RE6 though.
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User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#15
1: All of them except for Gun Survivor 2.

2: I love RE4 with a passion and have beaten it over a dozen times.

3: I also enjoyed RE5 a lot especially the Multiplayer.

4: It looks very promising thus far. I can't wait until the embargo at Captive is lifted in 2 days and we see all of the new details of the game.

User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

5 years ago#16
Cobra1010 posted...
4 questions

1. Which RE games have you played?

2. Do you like RE4? (e.g. yes, no, ok)

3. Do you like RE5?

4. How does RE6 look to you?

---Main Series---

Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PSN)
Resident Evil Remake (Gamecube)
Resident Evil 2 (PSN)
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PSN)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2)
Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
Resident Evil 5 (PS3)

No spinoffs I touched basically so I have only completed the main series so far.

2. Yes, it was a bold change for this series to take a entirely new reinvention. I even salivated for RE4 when it wasn't even announced for the PS2 yet, such a game like that I had to get my hands on and it was the best 50 bucks I ever spent last gen, truly another masterpiece from Mikami.

3. Resident Evil 5 was a clear step back, the game was short to RE4 and marred with weird problems I didn't like at first...like the forced co-op then I get used to it and saw so much fun could be had with both my girlfriend's playing with me on split screen.

What I hated was the fact they basically added in more harm than good that was detrimental by the exact new changes they made to Wesker who operated as a cold, behind the scenes villain changed into a gullible fool who has a fail safe switch in his very own plane. That was very horrible writing to tip the odds in the heroes favor, bar none. Not even that but two human beings frolicking around in a volcano made no bodily sense.

People can say what they will about RE4's over the topness yet at least it was cool dodging lasers with Leon. Chris punching a rock with no visual injury took the cake as weirdest moments of 2009 for me, even more hilarious that became a meme on the internet. It's a lot of negative points I shared for RE5 but what more could you want from a game that played like RE4 only more enhanced? Versus, reunion so many modes had the works....I loved what replay value RE5 put on the table but it was a 'ok' game to me...still felt partly lackluster in the end yet the replay value kicked ******* ass, if Capcom can match that for RE6 it will be a blockbuster that never gets you bored, speaking of which...

4. What do I think of RE6? I have high hopes. It's a 600 man team, they might be bringing back so many beta ideas from the scrapped versions of RE4 and 5 fans will never play, dramatic horror will be introduced as a new dynamic between horror and action, the new guy looks to hold all the over the top sections to himself which is fine. He is clearly imbued with powers so I will look forward to jumping on helicopters and slaughtering the pilot or something if it all makes sense. Leon and Chris Redfield in the SAME GAME, the fact this will be the biggest Resident Evil created. . . color me excited, my pre order is paid off to the full, my body is goddamn ready...the only thing that scares me is three letters...


I truly hope Capcom WILL at least be fair in their DLC for RE6 and not butcher the game in the end for it, or cut out the final ending for more money, etc....their practices with DLC has me worried greatly, i'll just pray it doesn't mangle any of the campaigns in some form like they have been doing a lot lately in their games.

Otherwise I won't ever be buying any DLC for this game if it's a load of BS locked or cut on our disc just for a cash-in, I am smarter than that. I can only support Capcom so much before it gets sickening.
Just my two cents.
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User Info: NassaDane

5 years ago#17

Yes, but not that much compared to the classics

No. Hate it as a videogame in general.

Looks pretty bad. 90% not going to get it. Looks as bad as "RE"5 if not worse.
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User Info: TMW001

5 years ago#18
0,1,remake, deadly silence,2,3,4,5, code veronica, Umbrella chronicles, Darkside Chronicles, revalations, Mercs 3D, operation raccoon city

I loved 4

I was ok with 5 but despise how it drifted more from the RE appearance than 4 at least 4 seemed more passable as a horror game.

I am looking forward to 6 enough to even preorder it I am not bothered by the fact that Leon and Chris are main characters again just hope that we see or at least know that characters like Rebecca,Barry and Claire still exist. instead of popping up physically unchanged as extra characters.

User Info: BCake93

5 years ago#19

1. I've played all of them except Dead Aim, Survivor & Gaiden.

2. I loved it. I played religiously everyday for like 7 months

3. Same as here too, loved it.

4. It looks awesome to me. I can't wait to play it.

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