Sherry Birkin

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User Info: SoulScare

5 years ago#1
Can anyone tell me if they confirmed that she's in this game!?

User Info: Toologist

5 years ago#2
She is 100% confirmed to be in the game, yes.
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User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

5 years ago#3
Yup, Sherry Birkin is now 100% confirmed to be in this game, and she's playable.

And her translated Japanese site bio:

Sherry Birkin, the woman sent off to protect Jake.

Sherry Birkin is the only daughter of the Birkins’ couple, the individuals responsible for the creation of the G-Virus, and subsequently, the Raccoon City Incident in 1998. During the aforesaid incident, Sherry was able to escape from the hell-like city through the help of Leon and Claire, but her father implanted a G embryo inside her body, that resulted in turning her into an “object” of strict surveillance by the US. Several years later, running out of options, Sherry’s only bargaining card out of her captivity was to become an agent for the US. She never wants to be seen as the person she once was, to continue on stuck in the past without any future for her, ever again. Having kept deeply inside her a small hope, Sherry receives her orders now that she has entered the realm of agents. Her mandate is to sneak in the war-zone of the republic of Edonia, situated in Eastern Europe, and ensure the safety of a man, under the name of Jake Muller, who allegedly has been carrying some sort of special bloodtype. One really has to wonder whether the dramatic escape of the dutiful & gentle Sherry along with rebellious & hardened Jake will be able to become a ray of hope against the nightmarish ordeal that they will both encouter.
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User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#4
Even Biohazard 6 official site put her names in "Characters" category.
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