Love3 how people still use VHS in 2013 apparently.

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  3. Love3 how people still use VHS in 2013 apparently.

User Info: Wesfanboynever

5 years ago#1
Guess they don't got DVD's lying around in that lab.
What's to say really?

User Info: Kayukon

5 years ago#2
Could be an HD videotape.

User Info: okamhunite

5 years ago#3
Maybe they don't want to but an HD TV or component cables, not everyone uses HD, and not everyone has to, is it really that surprising!?
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User Info: wmw7445

5 years ago#4

old security camera footage?

User Info: ItsAboutStyle

5 years ago#5
Kayukon posted...
Could be an HD videotape.

You aren't exactly Mister Current Affairs are you, Tommy? "Mad Fist" went mad, and "The Gun," shot himself.

User Info: Goldsickle

5 years ago#6

From: Kayukon | #002
Could be an HD videotape.

From: ItsAboutStyle | #005
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A game that has Quick Time Events is a "video game done wrong".

User Info: bluedeathking

5 years ago#7
hey my work place still uses vhs... yeah i live in a crappy small town so what.

User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#8
Well, it's not weird people still use VHS. But I never see anyone use VHS in my country.
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User Info: DreoreSilere

5 years ago#9
It's obviously old footage. They're probably showing experiments conducted with the virus from years and years ago. A virus doesn't suddenly appear out of nowhere. It has to be created in a lab or developed over years.
I should go.

User Info: Gunzleader

5 years ago#10
good for recording old school games. hell angry video game nerd used vhs to record no ones judgeing him.
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  3. Love3 how people still use VHS in 2013 apparently.

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