Love3 how people still use VHS in 2013 apparently.

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  3. Love3 how people still use VHS in 2013 apparently.

User Info: VIIVincent

5 years ago#11
anyone still own a VCR and VHS Rewinder?

i do. but, i'm not the one using it.
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User Info: KurtDrakanRedux

5 years ago#12
I still use a VHS from time to time. Just because the medium isn't advertised as much doesn't mean it can't be used.
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User Info: ItsAboutStyle

5 years ago#13
Goldsickle posted...
From: Kayukon | #002
Could be an HD videotape.
From: ItsAboutStyle | #005

Mind = blown
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User Info: maiminase

5 years ago#14
Probably old footage from way back then or so. Either way the fact that people still know what VHS is, is great.
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User Info: TomoEK9

5 years ago#15
I do hope some of you realize that VHS tapes are often used along side digital recordings. Its harder to erase or tamper with as compared to a CD or digital counterpart.

Some casinos still keep their security footage archived on VHS because of this.

User Info: Dark7Knights1

5 years ago#16
Probably in a low budget.
Makes sense to me...
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  3. Love3 how people still use VHS in 2013 apparently.

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