Rumored 4th Scenario

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User Info: turtles1236

5 years ago#1
Alot of people thinks this might be a hidden Ada scenario but i have a different idea.

What if this is just the final scenario to the main story thats unlocked after completing the Leon, Jr. and Chris scenarios?

This might just be the final stages leading up to the last boss fights and end credits nothing more. I think this is going to be the 4th scenario if there is a 4th scenario.
This is gamefaqs after all so i guess i'll have to accept your opinion as fact.

User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#2
If Chris, Jake and Leon all have separate story modes, which is the plot conclusive one?

I think after beating all of them we'll have a final scenario, similar to Sonic Adventure 2.

Whether or not this will be Ada's rumored 4th scenario, I don't know.

User Info: randyc80

5 years ago#3
I think that is very likely and a pretty reasonable guess. The only thing that makes me think it might be the Ada scenario is that it was mentioned in that early leaked information and it seems like everything else they predicted has now been confirmed.

Maybe the 4th unlockable scenario is what you suggested and there will also be an Ada scenario upon game completion or as DLC? Or maybe Ada will just be an unlockable character to play in that 4th scenario...maybe it turns out that her clone is actually responsible for everything Chris is blaming on her and she joins up with Chris and Leon? You can choose which of the protagonists you want to use for the final scenarios - Chris, Leon, Jake, Ada, or maybe even their partners?

Now I am just wildly speculating and I am going to stop.

User Info: honest_ab_12345

5 years ago#4
I can imagine the last scenario being with Ada and her clone and there being a scene where Leon has to choose between the real and fake Ada. It's just so cheesy and cliche, it fits with the game imo.
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