What was your scariest enemy from RE1-5?

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  3. What was your scariest enemy from RE1-5?

User Info: crackerpopper1

5 years ago#1
mine are:

Resident Evil 1/remake: the hunters in 1, crimson heads in remake
Resident Evil 2: licker
Resident 3: nemesis
Resident Evil 4: Verdugo
Resident Evil 5: Reapers

your turn!

User Info: iovandrake

5 years ago#2
Scariest? Hmm...

RE1: Hunters
RE2: Lickers. Best jump scare in the series in the Licker through the glass in the interrogation room (plus they are just generally creepy).
RE3: Nemesis.
RE4: Regenerators.
RE5: Roidinator.

User Info: DonGambini

5 years ago#3
Re-generators with out Thermal scopes.. the whole.. Blowing off their legs.. and them bouncing on their bodies to leap and bite your shoulder was pretty sick.
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User Info: Raye91

5 years ago#4
Re. make: That hunter by the stair way. still gets me to this day.

RE2: The door by where you get the bowgun for claire.(door opens like usual......then
Wham!!! zombies) the first and only door troll.

RE3. When hiding from Nemmy in the kitchen in the underground freezer that starts to flood.
I come up thinking its ok..... 2 secondslater I find myself getting a tentacle to the face.

RE CV: not really scary to me.

RE4: Is a tie between the first regenerator encounter and the guy who comes ouy of that furnace..... What was he doing in there?

RE5: Lost in nightmares the random spawning gaurdians catch me off gaurd everytime.

User Info: mr_metalhead666

5 years ago#5
RE1: Spiders
RE2: Spiders
RE3: Spiders
RE4: Regenerators
RE5: Axe Mijini

I hate spiders
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User Info: Cratle2W

5 years ago#6
RE3: spiders

User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

5 years ago#7
Zero: Leechmen
REmake: Either Crimson Heads or Lisa probably.
RE2: Mr. X
RE3: Nemesis is obviously going to win this
RE4: The Regenerators/Iron Maidens are going to win this one.
RE5: Either Reapers or the Guardians of Insanity
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#8
RE1: Hunters
RE2: Mr. X
RE3: Nemesis
RECV: Bandersnatch
RE4: Regenerators
RE5: Aligators
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User Info: diorjets3

5 years ago#9
RE4 Regenerator and RE0 Giant Frog is the only thing that really creeps me out. There are some pretty weird enemies in Revelaitons too.

User Info: disneyanime91

5 years ago#10

RE1: The dogs you encounter 5 minutes in. They're the reason I never got to save the game even once :(

I haven't played RE2, 3 or Code: Veronica yet (they're still sitting in my PS3 hard drive...)

RE4: Iron Maiden

RE5: Executioner Majini

RE: Revelations: Rachael

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