Capcom is blatantly sexist, exclusion of Jill and Claire

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User Info: PaladinCecil

5 years ago#1
After I post this, I'll leave all of you to try to justify their sexism as best as you can, since that's people blindly devoted to a brand or company name react to criticism toward the object of their devotion. My main purpose for this topic is to reveal all the things I've seen out of Capcom that leads me to the conclusion that Capcom, or at least the team currently in charge of Resident Evil, is sexist.

Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Degeneration held this pattern: old male lead (Chris, Leon) is the absolute main character, the new female lead (Sheva, Angela) becomes the old male lead's new partner with a "tragic" backstory that forms a close bond with him... for only one game/film, and the old female lead is relegated to damsel in distress. You had to fight Jill, but since she's brainwashed, she's also turned into a damsel in distress that needs to be rescued from the villain's clutches.

The sexism runs a bit deeper with RE5. Jill and Chris both have just as much reason to go after Wesker before RE5... then RE5 gives Jill MORE reason than even Chris to take him down. She lost two years of her life doing two things: being used to create the worst biohazard ever created, something she spent all her life since Raccoon City trying to stop, and then being forced to murder her allies from B.S.A.A. ... WHILE FULLY AWARE OF HER ACTIONS. And yet somehow, Capcom's Resident Evil team decided she has absolutely no right to help kill the man that stole two years of her life, made a joke of her every day by making her do things she would never want to do, and nearly ruined what life she has left to live.

Furthermore, after you rescue Jill, some contrived plot device is used to make her stay behind, leaving Chris and Sheva to defeat Wesker without her. The game even goes out of its way to have Jill toss a rocket launcher to Sheva for the final blow, instead of letting Jill have a rocket launcher too.

As for Degeneration, it demoted Claire to first needing to be rescued by Leon, then coming off as having some budding romance with the villain, and finally just acting as some control room operator for the "real stars" of the film: Leon and Angela.

The reasoning given by Capcom in the past has been that the player "needs" a brand new character to identify with in order to feel included in the game's story. But if this was what they actually had in mind, they could have used Jill or Claire, with a new male partner, as the focus of either RE5 or RE:Degeneration. In reality, Capcom is trying to replace the "old, used" women with "hot, new" models, blatant with how thoroughly they tried to diminish Jill and Claire's roles in RE5 and RE:D while promoting Sheva and Angela as Chris and Leon's new partners. This is subtly sexist already, because it treats female characters like they're only worth being just another notch on the male character's belt of "partners" rather than meaningful characters in their own rights.
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User Info: PaladinCecil

5 years ago#2
Speaking personally for a second, I was able to shrug off these past incidents before now. I found it a little dumb, but a passable dumb. I own and enjoyed Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Degeneration, even though RE5's ending after the Jill fight sucked, and Claire was used poorly. But then Resident Evil 6 came along.

Resident Evil 6 is being treated by Capcom as the ultimate piece of Resident Evil anniversary celebration. They're promoting it as the be-all end-all, one-stop game if you want to take part in celebrating the series lasting to today... and yet it's completely missing the female half of the teams that got the series where it is today. They have instead been completely replaced by yet another two random new girls that will be thrown away at the end of the game.

When you're trying to honor the past, ignoring any important part of it is flat out wrong. You don't celebrate an anniversary for DC Comics by releasing nothing but stuff about Batman and leaving Superman out of it. This obsession Capcom has with Chris and Leon is no excuse to leave Jill and Claire out of Resident Evil 6. They deserve a place in it. To leave them out of the game because they're not the manly men Capcom is obsessed with lately is outright sexist.

And before someone says it, no, Revelations does NOT make it okay, for many reasons. First and foremost, Chris was in Revelations too, and had a huge chunk of involvement in it. He was advertised almost as much as Jill. Second, Revelations is a SIDE game, not a main game nor the most important one in the anniversary. Jill left out of RE6 with that excuse is trying to claim she's only important enough to be a side character, but not to have an equal part in the most important Resident Evil game of the year. And lastly, Revelations didn't have Claire in it. You might be able to make up an excuse for Jill, but there's absolutely none for Claire's absence.
"Without me along, who will heal you when you're hurt?" - Rosa Farrell, Final Fantasy IV

User Info: supermvc3

5 years ago#3

sees wall of text


User Info: FireMadePrime

5 years ago#4
TC I completely agree with you, every word. I wish we could do something about it to show capcom that its not ok to exclude Jill and Claire from the main series.
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User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#5

User Info: Plant42

5 years ago#6
The new mission in ORC gives Jill at least a little credit. They make Nemesis like a completely unstoppable monster that several people have trouble fighting at once and he tosses a freaking bus at Jill at one point. But of course a different studio made that game. Capcom is too busy pleasuring themselves over Chris.

User Info: heartlesshero17

5 years ago#7
Didn't know Paladin was into RE
Since I know I can be honest with you, I'll admit I got a little sulky. It was frowns all around
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User Info: rebelious

5 years ago#8
Well Ada is still around. Claire was always lame to me. Sheeva was hotter. Jill, she's still cool though. Claire as she stated in the CGI movie explained that she isn't as active in anti Bio terrorism as she was. And she was mainly just trying to find her brother anyway. Which she did in Code Veronica. I highly doubt it's as deep as you're putting it, and maybe just seeing what you want to see in this situation. Both Jill and Claire had their own games for the most part. And as far as the latest games in the franchise go, Leon and Chris are more involved in the plot than Jill and Claire are. Hence why even Ada makes a return.

User Info: NightTerrorX99

5 years ago#9
Just realized TC was PaladinCecil.
The RE boards are going to get it bad now.

User Info: params7

5 years ago#10
meh not every game has to be the perfect soap opera now for RE characters. RE is pretty cheesy as it is.

Leon and Claire these two people just happen to be in the same airport where another zombie outbreak happens in Degenaration. Just think about how many people live on the planet and how large the world is and how rare zombie outbreaks are and how small Racoon City was, and try to calculate the odds. It will blow your mind away.

And this crap is canon.
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