Ah, what Resident Evil could have been.. RE 3.5

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User Info: whatafooliam

5 years ago#1
Long, long time RE Fan..... Sick of this garbage Capcom keeps dishing out.

I am sure most of you saw this already, but its a reminder of how close we were to a scary, suspenseful Resident Evil again.


This project was scrapped last minute - the game nearly complete, because the ghost theme was not liked (Understandable for gun fights... But still, the game looked amazing)

User Info: CleggyUpdater

5 years ago#2
This would have sucked imo. Resident Evil should not be about the paranormal, even if it the ghosts are visions induced by the Progenitor virus. RE4 was a great game and it still retained the way that all of the enemies could be explained by science.
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User Info: liamx2000

5 years ago#3
Ive always wanted to play

resident evil 1.5

and resident evil 3.5

elza walker was awesome shame they didnt keep her and just made her a friend of claire's.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#4
I had not seen this before. I had heard about it. It's a shame they scrapped this, removal of ghosts to Bio enemies would have worked wonders. I must also say that the sound design is superb as in SIlent Hill superb. The doll parts had me really scared.
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User Info: realgodofwar

5 years ago#5
I have been a long time RE fan as well.

However RE 3.5 looked like a spunky REmake with Leon, aka garbage.

My first playstation game was RE 3 and even I am fond of the stuff their doing now, its good.

User Info: JStewVGM

5 years ago#6
I would buy that game in a second. What is Leon throwing on the ground in the bathroom section? Is it like an attractant grenade?

User Info: schlaufuchsMIKE

5 years ago#7
I've been a fan since RE1 (not day one, but I jumped on board in the spring of 1997), and honestly, I do like the stuff they've been making. RE4 and RE5 are both solid, in my opinion. I can't vouch for RE:ORC, though.
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User Info: vhunter14

5 years ago#8
yep and that is DMC1, still full of corny one liners, not like it couldbe avoided.
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User Info: whatafooliam

5 years ago#9
See I disagree that this would have been garbage with Leon -

Keep in mind this game was supposed to be what RE 4 turned out to be. Leon Fanboys did not exist then. This would have been his first return to the series, and the Leon of RE4 would not have existed.

But I agree that the paranormal aspect is not very RE. But they grabbed the essential flavor of classic RE - quirky camera, good lighting, scary sounds and the signature ways of movement.

User Info: randyc80

5 years ago#10
Shinji Mikami was the one who decided to scrap this and start fresh. He was dismayed by the game because he realized that it wasn't very good....it wasn't just the paranormal aspect, it was almost everything about it. That is why he started fresh and I like the finished product that we got.

...and about the doll comment above, are you really telling me that animated dolls are scary, but parasites controlling your central nervous isn't? I disagree with that. Am I the only person who thought Child's Play was ridiculous and stupid, but not scary?
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  3. Ah, what Resident Evil could have been.. RE 3.5

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