if the tyoewriter makes it's return

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User Info: Macho_taco_23

5 years ago#1
(Edit: typo. Meant to say "typewriter" not "tyoewriter" on the title)

Do you think it will have the same power to repel against b.o.w.s ?

When have you ever seen a zombie, Licker, Mr. X, nemmy and many other b.o.w.s in the same room with a typewriter? ... Yeah, exactly. Hell the typewriter was the reason nemmy could not.bust into the rpd main hall

Reader: Umm, what about the two zombies that got in the cabin in re2?

Me: well that's simple. These two zombie had ingested an ink ribbon. See? Simple. Unfortunately, the ink ribbons did.not protect against bullets...

Reader: There were zombies in a room with a typewriter in resident evil 3 mercenaries

Me: good observation but as you can see, these zombie were unconscious from the site of the typewriter.

Reader: your logic fails in resident evil 4 where there are enemies and a typewriter in the same place! How do you explain that?

Me: simple, the typewriter was made specifically to repel against b.o.w.s, not parasites.

Any questions?
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User Info: bluedeathking

5 years ago#3
I thought parasites are consider BOW. Plus typerwriter are will be DLC pfff next questiong
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