So now that RE is basically a TPS/Gears Clone...

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  3. So now that RE is basically a TPS/Gears Clone...

User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#11
Sorry, but Resident Evil 4 copied Splinter Cell's OTS camera.

Point is, RE5 took elements from Gears including co-op bull**** and a crappy cover mechanic.

RE4 didn't have co-op, whoever said that is obviously either high or intoxicated.

User Info: KurtDrakanRedux

5 years ago#12
Sniper accuracy. That's the only thing I'll admit to.

Unfortunately, your inventory was in realtime, a forced 9 item slot between you and partner. If she didn't at least have a handgun she'd get killed.

Spade: More like in denial, or trolling. :).
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User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#13
I dont understand how people dont see the huge similarities between the two. Its like saying Mario Kart DS was great. But Mario K 7 ripped off mod nation racers.
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User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#14
Resident Evil 4 - the small elements of RE it had + mediocre action mechanics years later = RE5

User Info: CyborgTwenty

5 years ago#15
gears is a lame re4 clone.

User Info: JunDageki

5 years ago#16

From: Wiiplayer111 | #006
The only thing that makes 4 and 5 different is location. Good chunks of 4 has forced co-op, its called Ashley.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
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  3. So now that RE is basically a TPS/Gears Clone...

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