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User Info: Mindsliced

5 years ago#1
I say it once and possible say it again. And this topic should be about theroies about RE6 story. So lets have at it.

Minor Characters:
Rebecca - Might be some form of Field Medic / Scientist if BSAA needs her on the ground. Worse comes to worse shes in BSAA HQ working on counter viruses, and maybe George (Yes if he surived the outbreak games) would maybe pull a House. I needed to think of something seeng Sherry is considered Jake's Handler and a merc.

Barry - Hes in his 60's proably living the quiet life in the mountians after moving his family again. If he comes in and does a cameo like in RE3 I would like it. If he says "Back in MY day outbreaks would be in Mansions...with zombies...and Tyrants."

Billy - Ok how did he make it out of Arkley forest is what I want to know. Climbing from tree to tree? I mean there were still A Cerberus Pack (Ran into Alpha Team), Maybe T-Virus infected hikers (RE2 / 3 files unless they retconned), MA 121's not sure but they cover ground fast. All I see him in the ending cutscense was with some handgun. I think he went KIA by some fodder zombie.

Steve - I admit it thought this "Jake Mueller" was Steve. I mean looks like him and his slave collar became some kind of Tyrant power limiter to control mutations. So he can "Hulk Up" if he runs out of ammo like Krauser. But who knows if Wesker was the evil mastermind maybe he cloned Steve and mixed in his DNA to make a Wesker (who is resitant to T-Virus) / T-Veronica halfbred and makes him his "son" biologically. Just look at what he did to Jill. I just hope he has a good backstory with Sherry.

I hope they acknowlage the Birkin lienage more in the game. I like William, when he got "G" developed he was a bit of a Power hungry twit but I liked him. Bit misguided but I think he really loved Anette and Sherry, and maybe Sherry will say something like making sure William would be remebered in a postive light and not tainted like anyone that met Wesker.

So will they admit that "3rd Organization" is HCF from veronica. Tricell is done (so whos sponering BSAA?) Umbrella is done
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User Info: Gaming_Mastery

5 years ago#2
I'm addicted to a drug. It's called Hype. Current Drug Addictions: RESIDENT EVIL 6, ASSASSIN'S CREED 3, ACE ATTORNEY 5, FE13, SSBWiiU, Pokemon B/W2, KH3D
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