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User Info: ElusionM_08

5 years ago#61
MakoChanX posted...
Don't we already know what happened to send chris over the edge 6 months earlier?

The "woman" throws a bomb of T virus at his team, whilst him and Piers can do nothing but watch.

Since in his main story it's only Chris and Piers, it makes sense that his full team only appear in the prologue right? Also explains why he wants the woman dead, revenge.

It's more than that. Ada/woman also is responsible for the deaths of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent people, due to the testing of the C-Virus.

She escapes Chris in Serbia, so Chris feels that he should have stopped her before she mass-murdered innocents AND decimated his team.

Add to that, apparently another tragedy hits Chris in CHINA as well.
**** is getting serious; and the biggest thing I wish for in RE6 is Chris tormenting Ada to death. It's only fitting. (And yes I believe/want the woman to be Ada).
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

5 years ago#62
^ A lot of personalities have regressed a step forward and back over the series. Like one person said, it's always sometimes new writers at the helm and instead of keeping true by certain personalities, consistency is the only iffy part sometimes, with RE6 they are going back to the personas that people would easily recognize.

At the same time they are making things kind of drastically different in order to evoke more emotional properties, just look at Chris....never have I seen him this vengeful in a Resident Evil game compared to Umbrella Chronicles where almost the same situation occurred where his men got totaled in that game and he remained for the majority of the time, absolutely calm.
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User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#63
Ada murders children guys.

Murders. Children.

User Info: BioThreat14

5 years ago#64
The way I see it, Ada is even worse than Wesker, in terms where she's a lot less eccentric compared to him, she's more sinister in murdering as many civilians and children as she can.
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