Rate the Supporting Character Day 1: Mikhail Victor

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User Info: Sise_Neg

5 years ago#1
Main protagonists of the Resident Evil games will not be used in this series, neither will the main antagonists. I won't be choosing anyone playable in the main campaign of any of the stories either. This is being done because side characters are important, too, and they deserve to be critiqued.

Grading is done like a report card - A being best, F being worst (you can put + and - next to letters). Grade each of the following if you participate...

Voice Acting:
Character design:
Badass factor: (how cool the person is, based on catchphrases, mannerisms, actions, etc)
Significance: (This is based on how significant to the plot or a plot point they are - as much as a side-character can be, anyway)

I'll start.

Mikhail Victor
Voice Acting: A (Great for a VA in a Resident Evil game)
Character Design: B (Stereotypical military guy, but looked neat anyway)
Personality: C (Static, but gotta admire his determination)
Badass factor: A+ (Took on Nemmy "You Lose!", killed zombies while heavily injured)
Significance: B (Not overly important, but imp. enough since he saved Jill and Carlos)
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

5 years ago#2
Mikhail Victor
Voice Acting: A- (I loved the whole flashback he was having on the tram, you can sense the emotion in the air. I would only deduct a small point because he really didn't have more adequate amounts of dialogue but it was great for what it was.)
Character Design: C- (Just fatigues and nothing more interesting, I rated it a little lower for that alone, he should've stood out a tad more.)
Personality: C+ (He was alright personality wise, had a lot of commitment for protecting his comrades in peril. That takes guts.)
Badass factor: A+ (I agree with you on this bit TC, grenaded nemesis to hell. Went out like a bouse.)
Significance: D+ (I'll be honest, from the moment they had a wounded guy on board I knew that he was going to be instant fodder for the maggots. I predicted it a mile away)

Keep up topics like these, TC! I like em!
"Deathbed, redruM. I like to kill and have some fun."
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User Info: vhunter14

5 years ago#3
Rating: Awesome Nuff said.
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User Info: WithoutJudgment

5 years ago#4
Voice Acting: B
Character design: B
Personality: D
Badass factor: B
Significance: C+
Without judgement what would we do?
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