Nemesis T-Type (Resident Evil 3) vs Xenomorph Queen (Alien Movies)

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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

5 years ago#11
Nemesis might injure the queen, but then her blood would kill Nemmy.
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User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#12
Nemmy might pull it off if he uses weapons found in the environment like steel pipes or debris. These would eventually break/melt due to the Queen's hard body and acidic blood, but with Nemmy's superior strength and speed he could probably kill her before he runs out of weapons. If the room is totally void of anything other then the floor, walls, or ceiling, then he would almost certainly loss unless he just picks up the Queen and throws her at the walls and ceilings until she eventually dies (Think about that scenario... lol)

User Info: Sise_Neg

5 years ago#13
I don't think it's as hopeless for Nemmy as some people think. In Alien: Resurrection, after the Queen gave birth to the newborn it took off the top of her head with one swipe after thinking she was too different from him. Granted, the Queen had just given birth and was totally caught off guard, but if a newborn could take off its head I think Nemesis has a shot of doing so with his physical strikes.
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User Info: White_Queen

5 years ago#14
Xenomorph queen melts Nemesis into a puddle with its acid.

The issue is if the virus itself from the Nemesis tyrant can infect the queen. I'm sure the Nemesis body will be destroyed, but the tyrant just needs to inflict a small wound, and it would give the virus an opening.

User Info: tazman20

5 years ago#15
Could go either way depending on whether or not Nemesis has his Rocket Launcher and DOES NOT MISS. Otherwise the Queen would definitely win this.

User Info: desi_shinobi

5 years ago#16
The queen would win or end in a draw with nemmy taking it out and killing himself in the process.
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