This is kind of a dumb complain but

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  3. This is kind of a dumb complain but

User Info: AzurexNightmare

5 years ago#1
I don't really like the way the characters run.

The running in RE4 and 5 was too stiff, but this one looks like it's still just as stiff, except the characters are exaggerating their running motions while yelling "LOOK IM ACTUALLY RUNNING THIS TIME. I AM RUNNING IN AN EPIC MANNER DO YOU SEE IT? I AM RUNNING LIKE I AM ABOUT TO DIE BUT IM STILL STIFF. DO YOU SEE ME RUNNING? OMG I AM RUNNING MORE REALISTICALLY BUT A LOT MORE EXAGGERATED THAN BEFORE! DO YOU SEE IT?"
I would be more interested in Watch Dogs if it wasn't made by Ubisoft. Their games, although some are great, always feel clunky and half assed in some way.

User Info: heartlesshero17

5 years ago#2
If it makes you feel any better, many complained about the same thing
I'll eat a sock if VersusXIII is actually a mind blowing game.

User Info: JunDageki

5 years ago#3
The running is the same as RE4 if you are talking about Leon. he doesn't run desperately because they transformed Leon into that type of badass character that doesn't lose their cool even if they are about to die.
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#4
I hate it as well. its like they are motioning a full sprint run, but are going no where.
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People expect too much from E3
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  3. This is kind of a dumb complain but

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