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User Info: edward18

5 years ago#1
Anyone here ever have dreams about Resident Evil? I just did.

After this weird Teen Titans segment about them turning into mer-people...thingies, it flipped to me being in a crappy black and white gameboy game of some sort, at least that's what it looked like. Everywhere around me was real life structures like bridges and lamposts except they were all pixely and in black and white. Then I hear this roar and turn around and presto, Nemesis is there chasing me.

The whole point of the game seemed to be to survive Nemesis and I was. Every now and then though I'd look back and he'd be like right on my tail, even crawling in vents after me. So eventually I got bored and brought up the pause screen which had a save feature on it. I try to save...and get attacked. The damn thing wouldn't pause what was happening outside of the pause screen! So there I am with Nemesis throwing me all over the place yelling at me for some reason.

Now you might thinking "yeah, he's Nemesis, he yells.". No. I mean he was actually yelling! He was forming words other than S.T.A.R.S.! From what all I could make out he seemed to be under the impression that I'd done something to him. Either way, I die and start over at the very beginning under the crappily composed bridge. Work my way up to a point where there are these Soviet Soldiers that run into a wall below and explode. Well one of them does, the other tries to see if he's okay. I see Nemesis and make a break into the room they were guarding before they decided to scuicide. See a ton more people that are meant to be enemies but their shields malfunction and they don't do anything. I go through, and seeing that Nemesis isn't around, I try to save again.

Lo and behold a second later I'm being tossed around again. Instead though, this time yell back at him...which only makes him throw me around even more painfully.

After that I think that part of the dream stopped and I moved onto Nigel Thornberry or someone from Doug as my dad trying to get me into college but mad when I used an embarrassing past secret of theirs to get in.
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User Info: MastherBeBad

5 years ago#2
Hmm... TL;DR

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