Every character in the REverse has 0 character development

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  3. Every character in the REverse has 0 character development

User Info: Coconut_Lube

5 years ago#1
The RE games are AWESOME at action and adventure and gameplay aspects.
However, from a storyline aspect, the game is mediocre at best.
The characters are one-dimensional cardboard cutouts and they're really underdeveloped. I honestly don't see how anyone can "root" for any team, when their personalities all sort of blur together. The only thing pushing the characters along is the action and QTEs of the gameplay. Case and point: bouldersmash.

It's fine to like RE, especially considering the gameplay is so action-packed, but liking RE for its characters is kind of dumb.
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User Info: edward18

5 years ago#2
They most certainly do have character development, specifically the side-characters.
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User Info: MakoChanX

5 years ago#3
I must be stupid then, because I prefer the story line and characters over game play. I've spent many a past days enjoying reading up on the story, characters, monsters and files ect on the RE wiki.
To each there own I suppose.
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User Info: AYT

5 years ago#4
"good god!" even us outbreak survivors have cutscenes and character dev!
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User Info: mr_metalhead666

5 years ago#6
Every RE character has had character development throughout the games.
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User Info: Plant42

5 years ago#7
Even if it is wrong I am shocked to see Coconut Lube make a troll topic with some actual thought put into it.
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  3. Every character in the REverse has 0 character development

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