Capcom Pre-order Bonus?

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User Info: Quiet_MGS

5 years ago#1
Does anyone have any ideas as to what might possibly be given away by Capcom as a preorder bonus? My friends said that her boyfriend pre-order Operation Raccoon City from them, and I think he got a lisence plate that said Raccoon City. (I might be wrong about that because I normally don't pay attention and I have crappy memory.) But if I'm right, do you think it will be a physical item or some cheap code? I'm excited to know but I'm not sure when I'll find out.
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User Info: mr_metalhead666

5 years ago#2
If you live in America, then depending where you pre-order you get a exclusive stage in mercenaries.

If you live in Europe or Australia then you get all 3 mercenaries maps if you pre-order from ebgames.
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User Info: so_real

5 years ago#3
As far as I know capcom has yet to announce any kind of bonus when you preorder directly through them. They most likely won't announce anything until its much closer to the release date.
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