why does crapcom love Chris soo much?

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  3. why does crapcom love Chris soo much?

User Info: ItsAboutStyle

5 years ago#21
Madigari posted...
ReceiverxWisdom posted...
^ it looks like balls for a chin, why isn't that a TOS violation?

I agree. We're going to have to censor that.

MakoChanX posted...
You forgot your >:)8 face


You aren't exactly Mister Current Affairs are you, Tommy? "Mad Fist" went mad, and "The Gun," shot himself.

User Info: Legend3000

5 years ago#22
hunter_7289 posted...
Legend3000 posted...
ReceiverxWisdom posted...

Mwahahahaha! Give up your child hood! Give in to obscurity!

Just so you know, now every time I see you I'm always going to think of Peter Griffin.

"There is no such thing as trust, only faith"
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  3. why does crapcom love Chris soo much?

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