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User Info: Gin_Devil

5 years ago#21
Sise_Neg posted...
Gin_Devil posted...
Mine would be a boss called nemesis v2.. he's a new version of nemesis skins by chris. Unlike the older version it looks more human like. Though its still dumb and has to say is target enemies group name, which for chris is B.S.A.A.

Nemesis is dumb now? :/

I always figured it had to repeat stars to remember what it was surpose to kill
Resident evil1-3 are better then Resident evil 4-5

User Info: Ravagestorm1

5 years ago#22
Rolly Polly T-Type

A stalker-type invincible giant pill bug that looks like a boulder. It's mission is to crush Leon into a pulp. Its only weakness is Chris' fists.
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