I just love Resident Evil!

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User Info: largerock

5 years ago#21
In no order, these are my Top 8 favorite series:
Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Onimusha, Resident Evil, Max Payne, Souls, SSX, Monster Hunter
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User Info: xKazerux

5 years ago#22
In no particular order:
Resident Evil (2, CV, 4, and 5 being my favorites so far and 6 expected to take top spot)
Monster Hunter (Freedom Unite <3)
Dynasty Warriors (I LOVE 6 (seriously) and 7, but just about any KOEI Warriors title I enjoy from Samurai Warriors to Warriors: Legend of Troy. Started the series with DW3)
Castlevania (Symphony of the Night, Order of Ecclesia, Lament of Innocence, Lords of Shadow being my faves, but I love them all honestly.)
Final Fantasy (IV, VI, VII, IX, X, XII, XIII, Tactics, Dissidia being my favorites)
Devil May Cry (I honestly love all of them, even DMC2. I'm probably one of the few people who's honestly looking forward to DmC as well..it's coming out right before my birthday, I wanna play it before I judge. I would've preferred DMC5, but this game's looking to be solid. I did hate it at first until the later trailers.)
The Tales series (Abyss being my favorite, really wanna play Vesperia and Xillia)
Assassin's Creed (II is my favorite)
Metroid (Super and the Prime games)
Kingdom Hearts (Of the ones I've got to play, II and RE: CoM, and 358/2 Days. I wanna play BBS and Re:Coded and 3DS)
Legend of Zelda (Link to the Past, Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess. But I still haven't got to get Skyward Sword)

A lot, I know. ._. I just really love games and am not too picky. If I have fun with it then I like it, but these ones are the ones that kept me entertained and having the most fun. There could be more..I just woke up so yeah.
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User Info: Screech04

5 years ago#23
edward18 posted...
It's a fun series but after 0 I lose interest. Personally I enjoy Earthworm Jim and Sonic and Kirby and Mario and Metroid a lot more.

Yeah I love the Earthworm Jim games, great soundtracks for those games as well. Anyways if we're listing favorite series besides Resident Evil, here's mine.

Metal Gear Solid: Absolutely love this series. The fact that the entire Metal Gear storyline is so well connected and how you get connected to the characters of the series. MGS3 is my favorite of this series due to how fresh it felt, the 1960s cold war setting compared to the modern times settings of MGS and MGS2, the camo system, and the more open outdoor settings compared to the indoor base corridor settings of MGS and MGS2. This is a series that deserves to be played through at least once by everyone.
Ratchet & Clank: This series was the reason I bought a PS2 in the first place. Love all the games.
Metroid: Love the Metroid games, I remember saving up my allowance to buy Prime when it came out. Phendrana Drifts, my favorite area in the whole series.
Silent Hill: Love me some Silent Hill games. The atmosphere and creepy environments. Akira Yamaoka's awesome soundtracks for the game. have to say Silent Hill 3 was my favorite since it continued you off from Silent Hill 1. Silent Hill 2 was also very good, and it had my favorite ending of the series.
Come on guys, we all know the canon ending to Silent Hill 2 was the Dog ending
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User Info: VolcanoBoulder

5 years ago#24
Screech04 posted...
Ratchet & Clank: This series was the reason I bought a PS2 in the first place. Love all the games.

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User Info: darthmitten

5 years ago#25
Ppl r gonna h8 but....

I never really liked Ratchet & Clank :/
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User Info: VolcanoBoulder

5 years ago#26
"Gotta' go fast!" -- Commander Shepard, Resident Mario Versus XIII: Skyrim Sword 3D

User Info: SSJ2_Wookie

5 years ago#27
In my Top 5 for sure

User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#28
Resident Evil is my all time favorite series. It's just awesome! My top 10 listed first to last is: Resident Evil, Castlevania, Onimusha, Final Fantasy, Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Uncharted.
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