Ada's co-op partner revealed? *spoilers*

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  3. Ada's co-op partner revealed? *spoilers*

User Info: MakoChanX

5 years ago#1
"At first people suspected this was to keep Ada's partner a secret, but after more digging it seems Ada's partner may be labelled as Helper since that's literally its name. Currently it is believed Ada's partner is the robot we saw in the E3 trailer."

This would be so awesome!

Source *major spoilers on this site*
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User Info: ElusionM_08

5 years ago#2
Orrrr.....her partner is


dun dun dun
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

5 years ago#3
Robocop dislikes this thread.
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User Info: coolmig01

5 years ago#4
oh wow. quite possibly.... good find!
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User Info: ElusionM_08

5 years ago#5
I was saying a few days ago, how we see water in Ada's campaign as she talks to Simmons. The Robot can act as her Helper AND her submarine/diving suit.

With the chapter screens leaked, there indeed is diving in Ada's scenario, along with a submarine and a bomber ship where she most likely meets Chris as well.

Robot/Diving Suit/Helper
Chris and Leon Bromance - October 2nd 2012

User Info: Lonnie_Jackson

5 years ago#6
Since ada's first level is a sub maybe thats just the suite she uses to get to the second area of her game.
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User Info: GessMentos

5 years ago#7
Then the robot will have different gameplay, he looks heavy to do all the others characters do
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User Info: Legend3000

5 years ago#8
ElusionM_08 posted...
Orrrr.....her partner is


dun dun dun

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User Info: Hewie3

5 years ago#9
I honestly hope not. I've never been a fan of robot games/movies. It's just not my thing. It's fine if she uses it at some point but if it's literally a character who is with her the whole time, ehh not a fan.
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User Info: darthmitten

5 years ago#10
That last mp map showing lava reminded me of Birkins lab !!
We might have a classic RE map yet! :D
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