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User Info: MtVQFanatic

5 years ago#1
1. Character wise, who would you like to make an appearance in Mercs?
2. What would you like to see from playable Ada Wong?
3. What would you like to see skill wise for the characters?
4. Would you like skills to transfer to mercs, or not?
5. What type of alternate costumes would you like for the main characters? -- This does involve Ada since she has a seperate campaign --

My answers-

1. I'd like for Claire(RE2 and CV outfit) and Hunk to make an apperance. -- You can have Leon, Sherry, Ada, Claire, and HUNK to make a stellar RE2 team -- Jill(STARS and Casual outfit), Rebecca, Barry, and Wesker(STARS and RE4 outfit) so you can have a amazing STARS Mercs team. The rumoured Robot HELPER... xD. Carlos Olivera and Steve Burnside, come on, they deserve a Mercs appearance. I guess Jessica from REV... I mean... Unless REV is even Canon at this point...

2. A completly diffrent HUD and some sort of new... Gauge for her supposidly useable Hookshot. -- Like, it'd be an awesome Melee move if she can shoot the hook shot into a far away enemy and like, fly towards them, smashing her heel into their face. It'd use up like two melee bars and 3 quarts of the gauge for her hookshot. The hookshot gauge only depletes when used to like, hop to places you obviously don't have to travel to but have extra ammo or w/e, or to attack enemies with a multiple arsenal of melee moves. Haha...

3. Something to go hand in hand with Leon's Dual wielding. Stronger Melee for Jake. More health or possible better Regen for Sherry. Maybe better accuracy for Helena or a bit better at everything. More everything for when Piers uses a Sniper. Stronger knife attacks for Chris. Those are the only special perks I want for the individual characters. -- Like each can have increase in health bars, but like, Sherry would have maybe 2+ than the rest as her specific perk.)

4. Yes and no. You unlock skills and upgrade in campaign and mercs. Mercs has more skills though (Like 3DS Mercs but not as crappy as some of the perks were on that title). You also keep the char. specific skills but they can upgrade higher in mercs.

5. Leon; RPD uniform, A diffrent kind of casual outfit, and a knight outfit as a joke to Ashley. Helena; An outfit resembling Sheva's original outfit, but she's wearing shorts and knee high boots along with a diffrent hairstyle. Also, some sort of "sexy" outfit. Chris; STARS, his casual from the beggining of RE5. Piers; A casual outfit. Naked(LOL... I had to beat someone to it) Jake: A throwback outfit that resembles Wesker. Sherry; A outfit that incorporate Claire's jacket. A updated yet totally cute version of her 12 year old outfit but with a skirt. I could seriously see her pulling off Fairy Tale Sheva's outfit alot better than Sheva. Ada; Something akin to Assignment Ada, her RE4 outfits(RE2 and RE4), and an outfit that resembles a butterfly, so to speak. HELPER(robot...); Diffrent colors with designs on them.
Sherry Birkin, I own her for RE6, so, if you wanna fight about it, lets go! *Revs up double blades chainsaw*

User Info: PunisherWars1

5 years ago#2
Pretty much every human from the entire franchise with an exception of Nemesis.
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