Are Outbreak/Survivor/Dead Aim/4D Executer cannon?

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User Info: Mister_Zurkon

4 years ago#11
kanto_wanderer posted...
Even if they you think they'd be relevant??

Well, Damnation's mystery man looks a lot like Ark.
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User Info: cberry09

4 years ago#12
I believe only some of the scenarios in Outbreak are canon. Desperate Times in Outbreak File #2 is definitely canon, as it happens just hours before Leon and Claire arrive at the RPD station.

User Info: CirOnn

4 years ago#13
Outbreak is canon.
Survivor is also canon, with events on Sheena Island.
Dead Aim is also canon, and actually VERY pivotal to all the Tyrant mythos.
4D Executer... Nope.

User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#14
How comes 4D Executor isn't canon?

Always thought it was for some reason.
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User Info: vitonemesis

4 years ago#15
The 4D movie doesnt contradict anything, so it can be canon or not. You decide.

User Info: finalstrike14

4 years ago#16
RE0 implies that the events that took place on Sheena island are canon.

as for outbreak, most of it is canon.
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User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#17
Survivor and Dead Aim (Heroes Never Die) are both surprisingly canon.

Outbreak is also canon, although the finer details of the actual scenarios are ambiguous (just like the scenarios in RE1 and RE2).
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  3. Are Outbreak/Survivor/Dead Aim/4D Executer cannon?

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