Who do you want to be the main protagonist on Resident Evil 7?

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  3. Who do you want to be the main protagonist on Resident Evil 7?

User Info: pencru

5 years ago#21
Rebecca, Billy and Sheva although the latter wouldn't make much sense being in a game with the other two.

I'd really like a new game with Rebecca in the story though.

User Info: CoiledViper

5 years ago#22
We don't even know what the full plot of this game is in order to determine what the story of the next one would be, in order to pick out protagonists for it.

I'm living my life one day at a time... I'll cross this bridge when I get to it!

*treating RE7 like marriage or buying a house*
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User Info: 777residentevil

5 years ago#23
But I think RE7 will be connected w/ the upcoming movie Damnation, which is for Leon... but let's wait until RE6 ends...and still hoping that Chris and Leon will rest 4 awhile, and give chance to others....
#CrisisCore #ResidentEvil!!!

User Info: chunlifanboy

5 years ago#24
love to see a new jill and carlos game
chun~li number one fan (:

User Info: shadow_knight6

5 years ago#25
i'd like the multiple campains with claire, jill, hunk and bring back nemesis
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User Info: Snoopydance

5 years ago#26
naked chris

User Info: turtles1236

5 years ago#27
Tofu and Hunk . . . hopefully tofu doesn't get eaten this time.
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User Info: AgnoShrimp

5 years ago#28
I want to see Rebecca as a main character again. And Claire. I would be happy to see either one.
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User Info: coolmig01

5 years ago#29
assuming their doing multiple campaigns for RE7, i want Billy and Claire scenario, Piers and a new character, Ada and Jessica.

and i agree. so sick of seeing Chris and Jill. To me, while i like them, they are pretty bland compared to everyone else. Leon can take a break after RE6 too.
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User Info: cberry09

5 years ago#30

And Kevin Ryman.

Separate scenarios that eventually cross paths.
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  3. Who do you want to be the main protagonist on Resident Evil 7?

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