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User Info: Davyyyy

5 years ago#1
Let Jill and Chis become a couple, so they both can retire from the RE series and live happily together.

I like both, don't get me wrong but I think it's time to retire some of the old heroes and letting the younger one's take over.

we have Helena, Sherry, Piers, Jake and capcom could easily introduce one or two more.

User Info: ssj_duelist

5 years ago#2
No. Only couple is AdaxLeon.
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User Info: Shadowlinkex

5 years ago#3
There's no need for them to be a couple to retire. Regardless, I agree. The cast is stale and needs more fresh blood. In addition, actual keeping of characters.

User Info: darthmitten

5 years ago#4
Chris pretty much left jill alone, to go with Piers, and honestly Pies has much more connection with Chris than anyone in the game *save Wesker* so yeah.... PiersxChris forever XD
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User Info: Davyyyy

5 years ago#5
^^I agree with you. They can't go on forever using the same characters such as Leon, Chris, Jill, Claire and Ada.

Chris and Jill have been in so many games and done so much together. They need to retire after all they been through and deserves to become a couple, my opinion only.

User Info: Davyyyy

5 years ago#6
A good ending would be Chris being very wounded and not able to continue his life as a BSAA soldier, the Jill appears at the end and takes care of him. They move together to another country = end of JILL/Chris in the RE series.

Leon could be awarded a job as a CIA chief and now only works from a desk.

Barry, Claire and Rebecca are already gone.

I hope capcom retires some of the old main characters.

User Info: sehr0

5 years ago#7
i hope capcom retire.

User Info: edward18

5 years ago#8
If it's Capcom they're never gonna have anyone get together, at least not with the obvious choice.
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User Info: xXxAdaxXx

5 years ago#9
ssj_duelist posted...
No. Only couple is AdaxLeon.


User Info: DetBeauregard

5 years ago#10
Davyyyy posted...
Helena, Sherry, Piers, Jake

The problem with this is that one of them is a boring grunt, one is an unlikeable a**hat created for a 13-year-old demographic, and one should be Claire. Sherry is pretty cool, though.

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