Your reaction: Ada gets a surprise partner = Jessica.

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  3. Your reaction: Ada gets a surprise partner = Jessica.

User Info: pencru

5 years ago#1

User Info: Rozalia

5 years ago#2
Id prefer she got.... lets see.... Dr Cameron. Yup that would be much better.

User Info: xXxAdaxXx

5 years ago#3
Ada and Jessica: Girls Looking for Love: The Game

You start the game dressing your girl up. Then hunt each girls' man respectively. You must cooperate with the other girl to get the other man for your BFF.

The ending involves Jessica throwing herself and number on Chris. Teasing him throughout the game "sleep with me maybe?" "Marry me maybe?" But in the end... Chris is revealed as a homosexual man living happily with Leon.

Ada realizes that and she goes with her best friend, Jessica, to a club of unlucky women. There they join Jill and Claire.
"I already tried getting that package, Jessica." Jill said.
"My love died trying to save me.." Claire said.

"Welcome to the club!" A mutated Excella said.


User Info: Rozalia

5 years ago#4
"My love died trying to save me.." Claire said.

But Rodrigo died trying to save Chris.

User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

5 years ago#5
She would be trying to get on Chris' d*** the entire campaign. I wouldn't see how Ada would even stand her whorish hide for 5 seconds other than putting a bullet in her head to shut her up once and for all.


Lol Ada can put LEON in his place anytime she chooses to do so.....Jessica can't do that rubbish to Chris and expect him to listen, calm and sound. Chris would shoot the crap outta her. I like leon, but come on. . . Leon is like a neutered dog when it comes to her in RE4, letting her put a gun in his face to get what she wants, that's the difference, she's not pulling any pathetic stunts to fall in Leon's lap to see if he catches her LMFAO XD

No thanks, Jessica was downright failure IMO. I guess Chris needed a partner at the last minute since him and Jill were mostly on their own til the end. I can't believe she even has fans, same for Rachael. Nothing but boobed up eye candy that didn't need to be there in the first place since none of these characters have any significance for 6 besides Chris so far.

Would be nice to see Parker again in some fashion since general consensus says he's almost like a "Barry" type character.
"Deathbed, redruM. I like to kill and have some fun."
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  3. Your reaction: Ada gets a surprise partner = Jessica.

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