What annoys you most about the RE series?

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User Info: zombie_basher13

5 years ago#1
It can be anything, from the most mundane detail to the most glaring flaw.

For me it's the constant changing of voice actors. Maybe they're just trying to get better people, but it's jarring to hear Jill voiced by 3 separate women in RE 3, 5, and Revelations, same thing with Leon. They at least settled with the VA for Chris, Claire, and Wesker, but why couldn't they do the same with the others? I liked Leon's VA for RE 4, so I'm really annoyed they changed it for RE 6, plus he looks so different, it's like he's not even the same character.
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User Info: Hawke0

5 years ago#2
old ones, the puzzles were absurd. New ones, puzzles are too easy. and some members of the fanbase can be quite hostile.
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User Info: Mister_Zurkon

5 years ago#3
The Overarching conspiracy story.

It's just so bad, and poorly planned, and nonsensical.

I hope if they ever reboot it, they focus on "Natural" Biohazards and people just trying to survive.
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User Info: CrimzonHead

5 years ago#4
The fans.

I'm a huge fan of the series myself, but the fanbase can be awful at times. The RE community is getting up there with the CoD and FF communities.
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User Info: Ssinfaxi_7OOOOO

5 years ago#5
I know this really stupid but in all off the Resident Evil game i played ((RE-4 RE-5 ORC)) ,, i swear i just can't stand when Zombies grab me. i know its stupid but to me it Annoyes and Irritates me ''so much'' that when i stop the zombies from grabing me, i just unload All my anger and ammo on that piece of S*** Zombie, Especialy when i got a good combo going or a good shot lined up, it gets E-ffed over buy an annoying grab!!! i rather the Zombies E-ffin hit me instead of grab,,, The percentage of Zombies grabing you should be greatly reduced,, And THAT is my main thing that Annoys me in RE++
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User Info: Diablo56789

5 years ago#6
The fans

Namely Jill fans and Diehard Chris>Leon fans they annoy me the most
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User Info: darthmitten

5 years ago#7
Capcom's stupidity. Nuff said
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User Info: vitonemesis

5 years ago#8
The poor localization of the games, A LOT of the story is completely removed or changed.

User Info: TMW001

5 years ago#9
darthmitten posted...
Capcom's stupidity. Nuff said

User Info: ElusionM_08

5 years ago#10
Not enough cutscenes/not long enough cutscenes.

Lame ass short endings (except Code Veronica's, the longest and best ending in the series).
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