The best selling RE game was RE5

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User Info: nimatoda666

5 years ago#31
Ok here are my opinions on your "unarguable facts"

1. RE5 has better graphics

This isnt re5 this is the ps3, and i have to disagree with you, based on RE4 HD which has just as quality graphics as it. Furthermore graphics are meant in a horror game to enhance the atmosphere and bring terror in the enemies in which you are seeing, RE5 has 0 atmosphere and its enemies are not really terrifying, so i fail to see how graphics in re5 push the game in a better place in re4, please elaborate.

2. RE5 has better sounds

Once again, which sounds are better? Sounds attempt to do the same as graphics, the head popping sound is really the only sound i cared about other then ones for atmosphere, so what sounds did re5 have that were better then say the item box sound in old re and merchant sound in re4? Those were relief sounds when you got to that point in the game, in re5 you had to hit restart at any checkpoint (about 500 in a 6-8 hour game) and you could get first aid sprays for dirt dirt dirt cheap, as well as for dirt cheap filling an empty gun with a capacity upgrade to refill your ammo.

3. RE5 has a more popular gameplay (co-op)

Says who? If you have a friend, yes it is fun, but it is then turned into an easy mindless shooter, which there are thousands, so how does that make re5 special in any way? Without a friend, ai is mind numbing, forcing you to carry all your healing items (darkdestiny who loves re5's only solution) or give the ai a stun rod and nothing else (darkdestiny's other solution to being an ammo spammer, either that or give ai an infinite weapon, which really makes re5 special!)

4. RE5 is more technologically advanced

Yes it has online, which all leaderboards are pretty much hacked, other than that, please elaborate on what re5 does to overwhelm re4 with this trait.

5. Voice acting and mo-cap is superior in RE5 (don't even deny this, unless you are a fanboy)

These are all supposedly unarguable facts, which means no one should be able to deny any of this, so why put a special message not to deny it? Once again, there is no problem with these in re4, which was actually humorous, re5's storyline was poorly written, so i dont see how this really makes re5 such a better game then re4. Please explain how this makes re5 so fantastic.

6. Replay value rapes RE4s (in terms of sheer length/things to do) (replaying for fun only is subjective for both titles, but from a production value, RE5 has 2-3x more to offer)

First off, using rape as an adjective really is immature, arguing over video games in the grand scheme means very little, but seriously, please learn that this is EXTREMELY idiotic to use this word as a meaning and is very naive, and really shows how little you know of conflict and pain to use this as a joke. Now onto the point, re4 is 15-20 hour game, re5 is 6-8 hour game, both have mercs, re4 has assignment ada, seperate ways, even the stupid bottlecap game. re5 has mercs reunion DE, LiN and Versus, which all costs, overall still the price is 80 dollars vs 40 dollars, so it should be more content. DE and LiN are about an hour, so you are really relying on playing versus, because replaying re5 once takes 2-4 hours, replaying re4 is still 10 hours. So what is re5 offering that is so much more content?

7. Merceneries is far superior and more extensive

If you want mercs play mercs 3ds, personally i am not a huge fan, so i cant be one to talk to much about this. (Raid mode is far far superior IMO)

8. More game modes giving more options and play value to the player

A repeat of your earlier point, DE and LiN very short, plus it costs, elaborate please.

9. Much smoother gameplay

How so? I prefer all resident evil's gameplay over a generic shooters gameplay, tank controls in previous games are still better then smoother gameplay in modern games.


User Info: ElusionM_08

5 years ago#32
MakoChanX posted...
ElusionM_08 posted...
No. The only opinions in my post were about the story, etc, (which are partial opinions), so calm down there.

And you can't name "so many" unarguable facts, because there just aren't. The Unarguable facts block I wrote is CLEARLY UNARGUABLE (are you seriously going to argue re4 has better graphics, sounds and mo-cop?).

RE5 is a success. Because it's great and it's loved. Fact. Period.
Things only sell well when the PEOPLE love them and want them. You can say COD sucks, but that doesn't change the fact PEOPLE LOVE it (I personally dislike it).

That's why I clearly stated, that the facts you posted were the graphics and technology advances (which includes graphics, sound quality, mo-cap etc).

5 is a success, a huge success, but that doesn't make it "superior" to any other game in the franchise. That comes down to opinion, and the only superior "unarguable facts" is the advance in graphics and technology as stated.

Everything else, controls, the content/weapons included, characters, inventory, etc is all down to personal opinion.

Which was the "point" of the whole post, that just because RE4 was praised for it's "reinvention", does not make it any "superior" than the other games. Take the clue earlier next time.
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User Info: nimatoda666

5 years ago#33
10. Players get much more control over the characters, along with many more options

How so? Controls over ai is pretty not existant, and is much worse then ashley since she is in a third of the game, and the only control you have with her is having her hide. Please explain as this is not true at all.

11. Much more when it comes to weapons and guns

Having copy cat guns except with slightly tweaked stats dont really do much, the only thing in a normal playthrough is the grenade launcher, which is true, other then that guns arent that much better. Revelations with custom parts completely blows re5 out of the water with this.

12. Many more unlockables

Please explain? infinite ammo really isnt an unlockable.

The story should have been easily the best, instead it ends the Wesker storyline very poorly. The writing was cheesy, they completely changed Chris' and Weskers character in the game, and the ending was more of a hollywood drama, then they had a brand new agent kill wesker, it was more of an insult to the story, then an actually good story. It was relevant but at any point they could have made an epic game with that storyline, instead they ruined that plot point with a very poor storyline.

Real time inventory except that all it did was make reload time obsolete since combining is simple and takes about 1 second. Secondly switching weapons was easy since you had all of them on quick slots, you didnt need healing items or anything else in that slot because if someone is dying it uses that item automatically by pressing circle. The fact that any shot of any gun stuns an enemy and sets them up for a quick melee that knocks them to the ground eliminates any sort of potential horror it had with the inventory. Besides the fact that an herb is as big as a rocket launcher, come on.

Resident evil 5 took a survival horror series that became an action horror series and turned it into a zombie shooter hollywood drama, was it fun? Absolutely, but i have just as much fun playing any type of call of duty or any other generic shooter, re5 turned a unique special series and firmly made it another generic shooter game.

Co-op, real time inventory, extensive melee, etc, are the creations of RE5(within RE, and no, Outbreak doesn't count, its co-op failed and was never used outside of it, whereas co-op since RE5 has been used in RER, LiN, and 3 campaigns of RE6, and no doubt future REs).

Melee was started in re4, re5 just made it overpowered, thats not re5's creation. They desperately need to improve real time inventory, once again used much much before re5, so it didnt create it. RER didnt use co-op, it had a person do pretty much nothing, the side characters couldnt kill anything, had no inventory at any point, had infinite ammo, and infinite health. LiN is what re5 could have been, and co op was based on story and was also only 30 minutes long.

User Info: MakoChanX

5 years ago#34
ElusionM_08 posted...

Which was the "point" of the whole post, that just because RE4 was praised for it's "reinvention", does not make it any "superior" than the other games. Take the clue earlier next time.

The "point" of your original post was clearly to explain how sales do mean something, and then going on to explain (in great detail) how 5 is superior to 4 with the "unarguable facts", which (and I'm pretty sure here) is saying 5 superior.

It seems it's you who needs to "take the clue earlier", as you've just contradicted yourself there. Woopsies.
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User Info: Nero_DMC

5 years ago#35
i use re4's manual as my toilet paper
and the cd as my toilet scraper
and the case as a stool

dmc4>re4, the two 4's
(message deleted)

User Info: Nero_DMC

5 years ago#37
but seriously , dmc4>re4 , at least dmc4 had a story and nice characters

User Info: SMT_Masochist

5 years ago#38
So after the walls of text I've concluded this has become pro re4 vs pro re5.

The biggest knock on re5 was that suspense vanished and became a shooter action game of sorts because of the partner, waves of running enemies, and all the day light and open environments.

The biggest praise on re4 was that it was a reboot from the archaic mechanics of previous RE's. it had more action, a different perspective, open environments, waves of enemies some fast.

Hmmm....either it's a case of "too much of a good thing" or double standards. Aside from the co-op it's the same game set in a brighter setting. Nothing was drastically changed. With those 'facts', I prefer 5 over 4 because of the co-op. the mechanics are still poor man's Gears. Revelations "rescued" the franchise from the action shooter syndrome infusing some tension and lets hope 6 follows suit.
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User Info: Nero_DMC

5 years ago#39
either way remake>dmc4>re5>re4

User Info: bronzefrog

5 years ago#40
The best selling RE game was RE5

Resident Evil 4 is the Best Resident Evil game that was sold to the public, so I'm not sure how you got confused there.
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