Reaction: The New Original Characters from ORC show up in RE6...

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User Info: Wesfanboynever

5 years ago#1
The USS & The Spec Ops...
What's to say really?

User Info: Diablo56789

5 years ago#2
Cool, unlike the game itself I thought the characters were cool.
I've got a gun to your head!

User Info: Darklink87

5 years ago#3
; )

User Info: UBCS15

5 years ago#4
They'd be in their 50's haha

User Info: Nahchillhomebro

5 years ago#5
Lol Four Eyes and Beltway would only be about 43 and 44 that's not old if you're in shape.

User Info: roncin

5 years ago#6
UBCS15 posted...
They'd be in their 50's haha

but that's great news for some cougar lovers

User Info: coolmig01

5 years ago#7
better not. ORC was garbage. GARBAGE!!! i don't care that you try to convinced yourself that your $60 purchased for an RE game was worth the money. that game was utter crap. lets not say "to each is own". NO. that only qualifies if a game is actually well made. ORC wasn't. it was rushed, bug-filled, GENERIC SHOOTER where it has even zero cutscences, and the "wolf pack" was missing from the entire campaign, even though they were shown in a completely CGI trailer for the game before it was released (false advertisement, anyone) and you had to pay for EACH CHAPTER OF IT, FOR DLC. seriously??? this lame, 3 HOUR GAME, WAS UTTER GARBAGE and you should be ashamed of yourselves to waste ur money on it, END OF STORY.
Excited for RE6? add me! PSN: coolmig01

User Info: DetBeauregard

5 years ago#8
Lol, no.

Most of those characters were TERRIBLE, as in the worst characters this series has ever offered. They make the little kids from Survivor, Fong Ling, and Jim from Outbreak look like the best characters ever.

Thankfully, none of the ORC characters are canon, anyway.

That said, I didn't think Willow, Shona, and Tweed were all that bad. The rest were absolutely awful, especially the USS cyborgs (although the Spec Ops medic who was a complete ripoff of the guy from L4D was terrible, too). The USS characters should have all looked like HUNK (since if this were real, they WOULD all have the same uniform), but no, they had to appeal to the kiddies by making ridiculous character designs.

User Info: Nahchillhomebro

5 years ago#9
BURN THE HERETIC!!! Lupo, Vector, Four Eyes, and Beltway are AWESOME

User Info: tlcstormz

5 years ago#10

And they FOR SURE do not deserve to come back to the series BEFORE any of the Outbreak characters.....
"As God's chosen people, clothe yourselves in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience...Forgive others...And...LOVE!"
Colossians 3:12-14
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