Anyone Else Have A Feeling RE6 Will Be 2 Discs . . .

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User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#31
turtles1236 posted...
Animesetsuna posted...
turtles1236 posted...
Shadowlinkex posted...
I don't think so. Very unlikely unless Capcom decides to put "Final Fantasy type" of effort into the content on the disc. And the last 2 choices for the poll are unnecessary...

Final fantasy effort? I hope your not talking about 13 or 13-2 because those games are full of fail, especially 13. There hasn't been any effort since 10/10-2 and maybe 12.

And a yes no poll is so boring especially on the internts.

Since not many FFXIII-2 fans are here, so I can say anything. SQEX director decided to downgrade the graphic and make ps3 resolution as same as XBox 360. Plus story is a failure. I know I will be boom if I say something like this on XIII-2 board.

I'm sorry i had to do it for the lols.

Yeah, But I am going to be flamed soon. lol
But SQEX are always talking about graphic. I am sure they going to concentrate on WII U since they can support better graphic than PS3 & Xbox 360. LoL. Oh, Hey!!!
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User Info: Ssinfaxi_7OOOOO

5 years ago#32
That may be true For X-box user but for use PS-3 users,, well a game called Grand Turismo 5 was about 9.5 GB but idk how that my work cause im not 100% sure. BUT, if thats how its gonna work for both systems but only distrubuted as single disc'ed for both. that thats gonna mean that something pretty noticable may have gotten takin out to make it possible for one disc,,but then again i could be completly wrong,, im not saying it like i know for sure,, thats just how i tend to see it.
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User Info: PunisherRogue88

5 years ago#33
Even if it wasn't confirmed, I believe it would have been two discs. The last game I bought that used two discs was Dead Space 2. They do, however, have that new disc format to work with, but it most likely won't help. If Capcom was smart, they'd put the campaigns on one disc, and the extra content on another.
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User Info: SonicNash

5 years ago#35
PunisherWars1 posted...
SonicNash posted...
That's why I am happy with my PS3. Playing Mass Effect 3 on the 360 would had been a nightmare (you have to switch every time you start a side missions).

Which is why you won't be able to play the first one.

The first one was crap gameplay wise and judging from ME3, the characters from ME1 were bland & boring (Ashley/Kaiden, Liara, Garrus, Tali & Wrex).

ME1 was only successful because there were nothing good on the 360, when ME2 was made, its a real Game of the Year and Bioware did us a favor only porting ME2 and not ME1.

Which is also why ME3 suck because its feel too much like ME1 and got rid of everything good from ME2.
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