Total Recall had a Piano Puzzle, "Movie Spoliers"

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  3. Total Recall had a Piano Puzzle, "Movie Spoliers"

User Info: dropzone20

5 years ago#1
Douglas Quaid inserts a previosly discovered item into a grand piano & plays the keys until he unlocks something special. I kept thinking of RE1's piano puzzle. I must say that a majority of the action scenes included lots of platform jumping with intense gunfire. Think Mario Bros. meets Jason Bourne, lol.

User Info: SAGE_HAN

5 years ago#2
are you talking about the new Total Recall remake?

User Info: CoiledViper

5 years ago#3
I regret dropping any money into see this turd of a movie

Incredible support actors, lead by a dull actor

I can't count the number of times someone looked at their "hand phone" and said "sh**!"

The cliched villian dialogue, "mwahhaha you cannot stop me now" and the fact he left the heroes alive after capturing them

The confusing plot that wasn't confusing at all

And wtf, wtf was the "president/chancellor" doing on the front lines... he was the lead villian understandable, but when in the history of any military, does the commander-in-chief get personally involved within a conflict?

This movie made Kate Beckinsale look like a B-move actor, and she's pretty damn good. it was due to the piss poor script and director providing no motive to her character
"Don't cross the line, because if you do, you'll have crossed me. I promise punishment will follow." -myself
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  3. Total Recall had a Piano Puzzle, "Movie Spoliers"

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