they SHOULD have ended the series after RE5.

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User Info: cobra187

5 years ago#301
TehTrumpCard posted...
Diablo56789 posted...
RE5 shouldn't have happened period.

RE6 should have been RE5

This. Hopefully it can put the horror back into re. Not that re5 was terrible (although it was bad). What really killed the game was the atmosphere. You never really felt like you were in danger or fearful of what might be in store for you once you enter the next room. If anything the game was one long adrenaline rush. I wouldn't have a problem with playing this game if it didn't have re slapped onto it. I feel like re4 did a better job of catering to the fans while also allowing a chance for new players to come in because, while not as action-packed as 5, 4 had the right amount of pacing with the action and horror parts blended together. Also when you got killed by the insta-kill enemies it really didn't feel like you got cheated like it does in 5 (at least when you play on normal anyway.) But worst of all is that ending. At least I can believe I was shooting the crap out of Saddler when all of a sudden Ada brings me a rocket launcher from a faraway platform vs. Chris punching a boulder into lava to make a path. Hell, if he would've shot the boulder or if the boulder was near a ramp I think it would've been more believable. How many people do you know who can punch through boulders the same size as them?

But then also the inventory system is the worst out of all the re games with the exception that you can freely trade items or toss them at the other player in the midst of combat.

I think the "every character has a unique 'perk' thing will be cool. But like with any game that implement this sort of feature, someones going to be broken. Hopefully those people will be re2 crew (Leon/Ada/Sherry)

If the film series is ever rebooted, they should get John Cena to play Chris. After that garbage i saw in RE5...Cena is the only one who could sell this

User Info: Snoopydance

5 years ago#302
Yes, professional wrestlers are well known for their acting chops.

User Info: Rozalia

5 years ago#303
Regardless, both The Wesker Report and Code Veronica do make note of the Progenitor Virus.

If you can't point it out then you have no fact. It may state its existance but 0 was first to point out Africa followed by dead aim and then of course 5.

Birkin didn't create it. Spencer did. Wesker just believed that Birkin created it as part of the plan Spencer had in place.

Oh. That makes more sense but its still iffy as hell.

Part of the reason Umbrella's such a mess.

The thing is as you said Spencer believes in evolving the human race. Alexanders work on Alexia allowed her to be smarter then Birkin at the age of 10 and Birkin is one of the smartest guys in the RE world so its an impressive feat. That right there is evolution on a much greater level then the nonsense virus Wesker has. What it shows is Spencer doesn't actually want evolution. What he wants is superpowers.

User Info: DarkD3stiny

5 years ago#304
darkhisham posted...
DarkD3stiny posted...
So dark are you saying no other game can sell aswell as re4 if it was a survival horror game? he could of made two story modes, one survival horror and one action. He could of made the survival horror one like LIN with a much longer game, more fleshed out, more enemies, more survival horror, decent re puzzles etc etc. Then he could of made the action story mode like re4 but both with higher re relevance. That is a game that has survival horror in it but would sell more than just re4 as it is now.

It annoys me being Dark, stupid old account.

On topic. Mikami really couldn't do whatever he wished. There are not many who their companies allow them full creative freedom.

Making this debate personal because you cant debate in a civil manner tut tut. All Capcom told him was to make re4 sell, they gave him free reign over re4, he could of done my idea if he wanted to.
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