Does this game still have Partner Commands?

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  3. Does this game still have Partner Commands?

User Info: sonicshadow777

5 years ago#1
Like where you could press buttons in order to tell your partner to wait or follow you?

Shooting seems like the only way I can get my online partners to figure out where they're supposed to go. -_-*

User Info: Madigari

5 years ago#2
Hold Circle (B on 360), then D-Pad buttons.
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User Info: Ren_eko

5 years ago#3
Press circle, there's a list of commands.

R2 Thank
L2 Praise

Then there's move in, retreat, some other and follow, follow is an odd one because the character says "Fall back".
New Dante:

User Info: Hewie3

5 years ago#4
Yes. Hold circle & hit:
Up-Move In
Down-Follow Me
Right-Fall Back

You can respond by holding circle and hitting:

You can also tap circle while grab to shout for help. Hit circle after your partner has saved you to thank or praise them immediately after they get a head shot or a special melee.
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User Info: sonicshadow777

5 years ago#5
Thanks a lot.

User Info: ravenscourge

5 years ago#6
Glad youre here!

*thumbs up*
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User Info: xenosaga123

5 years ago#7
really awesome they improved partner commands. They make the character interaction and co-op even better. :)

User Info: shotgunheadshot

5 years ago#8
All you need is to keep tapping the circle button to get there useless butt over and save you when your down. Thank goodness the bots can't die. This game is actually going to be a fun single player game like RE4 was. RE5 is forgettable miserable garbage for the most part. Sheva sucked really bad. RE6 gets a 10 out 10 score for me.

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

5 years ago#9
They need better commands. Everyone giving a thumbs up is a really stupid gesture in this game.

I want a middle finger command.

User Info: rx7187

5 years ago#10
They look silly when they do that thumbs up lol.
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  3. Does this game still have Partner Commands?

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