This game isnt as bad as you guys claim it is

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  3. This game isnt as bad as you guys claim it is

User Info: sommi

5 years ago#1
Because its terrible

at keeping me from doing housework things as its very addictive and a great game to play.

User Info: Hitmanzombie

5 years ago#2
I just finished Leon's Campaign. It's pretty good. The game gives me the whole MGS4 feeling, it's trying to make a conclusion of some sort. I kind of like the cinematic feeling. The gameplay itself is okay. It does work.

User Info: aPimp_named_leE

5 years ago#3
bravo, a double troll thread. i applaud you sir or madam. you did indeed have me going there for a bit. not just once, but twice at that! good show, good show! (sarcastic tone, but honest assessment of this topic)
~I will floss my teeth with your soul~

User Info: Kyodai_dbostick

5 years ago#4
The absolutely worst action shooter / survival horror / whatever it is I've ever played.

I didn't want to stop playing after 3+ hours last night and went to bed really late.
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User Info: sommi

5 years ago#5
MGS4 is a good comparison to RE6.

MGS4/RE6 are both the conclusion-of-the-journey games. RE is no longer about horror, but 'terrorism' and action. The atmosphere which everybody remembers is now gone.

Just like how in MGS1/2/3, the atmosphere was that you're a lone wolf on a mission with limited items like cigarettes and binoculars. But in MGS4 you're now some mega bad-ass with like 80 weapons to choose from including portable rocket launchers, grenades and a whole lot of other things to.

We all get nostalgic over remember the atmosphere and 'mood' of previous classics, not their gameplay.

User Info: LeonSK2236

5 years ago#6
but with MGS4 it still felt like a MGS game. RE6 feels so far removed from the rest of the games, It feels like SOCOM 4, its good but just not SOCOM anymore
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  3. This game isnt as bad as you guys claim it is

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