Any true RE fan saying this is a good game?

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  3. Any true RE fan saying this is a good game?

User Info: Izzythewinner

5 years ago#91
i am a true RE fan andown a unopened box of each installation of the series, including the spins offs, and this game, is worst one of all 6.
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User Info: cell2355

5 years ago#92
I think only the true RE fans are praising it.
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User Info: Link_AJ

5 years ago#93
Hiten Mitsurugi S posted...
I've beaten RE1-5 (1-3 all when they came out) and got through most of CV and Revelations.

This game is better than the classic RE's and 5 by sure. And that's just from Chris's campaign and mercenaries alone.

Haha, you're saying Chris' campaign is better than RE 1-5 ?:')

User Info: Unbral

5 years ago#94
I played RE back when it was horror. Now it's just horrible.

That was the greatest joke ever. Praise me.
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User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#95
If playing and completing every single Resident Evil game (Except for survivor 2) makes me a true RE fan, then yes I say this game is awesome. Each campaign is designed to have it's own unique theme and playstyle, which makes you feel like your playing 4 different games instead of four stories. The writting is competent, humorous and cheesy (exactly like the RE games of old which is great) the emotion in some of these scenes is fantastic to the point that it feels like I'm watching a drama movie during cutscenes (Chris's and Leon's campaigns especially) and the gameplay functions well once you get the mechanics down.

Even the camara didn't really bother me one bit (although I can totally see where people are comming from when they say that it's too close to the screen. The only thing I would knock off points for is the less then steller texture rendering and the stiff, partner commands mixed with slightly clunky momement and even then, that's just me nitpicking. I am loving this game so much and can't wait to jump into the next campaign. Easily a 9 out of 10 game for me.
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User Info: atlus25

5 years ago#96
i have also played all of them starting with the first, and i like 6.

User Info: manji

5 years ago#97
i would say i'm a true RE fan. i have played them since the first installment.

my favorite RE games are: Resident Evil 2 & Resident Evil Remake

i really liked RE4. i didn't like RE5, i bought RE6 yesterday when it came out and traded it in this morning. i dont like the direction the series is going into i'm not really a fan of it. RE6 isn't a bad game, just not my thing.

the way i see it, i like games that other people dont like. there are some people who will and do like it a lot.

User Info: BruceWayneJr

5 years ago#98
Right here. I've played every game in the series, and I've deeply enjoyed playing Resident Evil 6. Cut the crap with this "true fan" stuff. I'm not gonna call you a "hater" because you happen to disagree with me; don't declassify me as being a fan because I continue to like something.

User Info: akira_hisyam

5 years ago#99
it really good game,like other said most of us need to accept our beloved re game are no longer survival horror.
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User Info: Soldier3rdClass

5 years ago#100
My opinions on other titles first.

RE1 - Good game, not the best but was fun.

RE2 - Excellent and by far my favorite of the series. Especially loved the A & B scenarios.

RE3 - Great Game, not as good as RE2 but much more nerve wrecking with Nemesis always being there. Bascially a worse version of Mr.X in 2.

RE0- Great Game, probably my third favorite of the series. I'm one of the few people I guess that liked Billy and the story was pretty good as well as being very creep and keeping the the RE survival horror tradition.

RE Remake - RE1 but better not much to say here.

RE4- Changed RE up but I still loved it and it has become my second favorite of the series. I still wish they hadn't had item drops from enemies though. If anybody says this game doesn't have creepy moments then I'll just say this "Regenerators".

RE5- Liked the game, but it's not what I wanted from a RE game. It completely lacked the atmosphere I've come to expect and had barely any horror element to it. Never a moment where I needed to put the controller down to calm my nerves.

RE6 - Haven't played but am currently installing (US PSN purchase) so I'll play a few hours of Leon's campaign before making any judgements though at this point my expectations are low.
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