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RE5 Gold Edition or RE6

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User Info: joedanshingo

5 years ago#1
I didn't play any new resident evil games, but I loved RE3 and Code Veronica.

Which one is worth to get?

User Info: KillingHarder

5 years ago#2
I'd say get RE5 Gold Edition first to see if you like the direction RE has taken since 3
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User Info: Stouffer1

5 years ago#3
Get psn plus, re5 will be free soon.

User Info: MCKWZ

5 years ago#4
Well, duh.

Get Gold 5, it will last you a long time and by the time you're through with it, you can get RE6 cheaper.

User Info: joedanshingo

5 years ago#5
anyone here who finished both rate it for me?

User Info: gamestop27

5 years ago#6
Haven't finished 6, but I like what I've played so far and I enjoyed RE5, so I'd suggest getting both if possible.
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