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User Info: Gojiro_Perfecto

5 years ago#11
based on that poll 7.5 sounds about average...
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User Info: nazacuckoo

5 years ago#12
I really enjoyed this game (shocking I know, considering all the hate)
so I'm giving it a 9.
It feels like your in a crazy zombie action movie, people who can accept that will
enjoy it, people who are still looking for a survival horror game will be dissapointed.
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User Info: 82xeno

5 years ago#13
Solid 8 for me.
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User Info: marceloxlr

5 years ago#14
6 out of 10(maybe 7, but 8 is too high for this game IMO), a little below average for me. Nothing really new or exciting about it.
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User Info: slapper1

5 years ago#15
I gave it a straight 9. Leon's was amazing, Chris's story was really emotional and hooked me from the start. I have not played Jake's or Ada's yet but I'm already certain they will be great (especially Ada's). It's not perfect, but damn is it fun!
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User Info: samjeez62

5 years ago#16
i give it a solid 9

User Info: killaz18

5 years ago#17
i just wanted to say... Adversary is the key to unlocking new opportunities. What i mean is, if everyone love's Leon's story more let's all let the capcom know and make them go back to a more classic RE game. If the fan's like Chris's campaign more then action wins....

User Info: kraze999

5 years ago#18
The consensus seems to be 8/10. That's better than the official review sites at least. Will probably give the game a try.
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