Professional mode is really hard D:

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  3. Professional mode is really hard D:

User Info: greysunrolando

4 years ago#1
Especially leons campaign, they just do so much damage and theres very limited health! But i love it, it makes the game kind of survival horror now :)
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User Info: greysunrolando

4 years ago#2
And you actually have to think about your moves and doging attacks
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User Info: Sad-Life-Games

4 years ago#3
yeah that's the way i felt, i blasted through all the campaigns in professional mode and i have to say the fear of running out of ammo was always there. not to mention the HP bar might as well be a decoration. almost everything 1 shots you or at the weakest halves your life. fun times.
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User Info: ShadowClown4eva

4 years ago#4
Well everyone elses is even harder (unsure bout ada , just started hers) I still remember those days where i actually had a clip left....

User Info: XxIamKiraXx

4 years ago#5
The only one that felt hard to me was the end of chapter 5 through the whole boss fight. Bastard took me 2hrs.

User Info: Masta_Jeff

4 years ago#6
can someone help me please. what skills do i set on Leon i know defense in should i use infinite mag in zombie killer?

User Info: Nohopeless

4 years ago#7
Professional mode is not hard at all, it is nothing compared to 5 where u can die in one hit. You can survive 3 full hits with full health at least (unlike 5 where you can die in one hit with full health).

With so much mobility in this game, it is EASY to avoid damage (running, sliding, rolling, counterattacks, quick shots and more).

If u need to rely on unlimited ammo, then u are not using all the mobility of the game to take out the zombies and other enemies. Only Chris's campaign should be the only one where ammo can be problematic.

As for skills, defense up is great to reduce damage for all the campaigns.
Breakout is great for Leon campaign while Firearm is best for the other two.

Last third skill Field Medic is great if u are playing solo, if it is co-op it can be be Item Drop if u run out of ammo or want more item drops.

I've been watching my friend stream professional mode with a friend on their first playthrough blind run and they dont die at all (or rarely) unless it is from QTE or cheap-death events.

User Info: MattUK07

4 years ago#8
Im only on normal and ammo is scarce enough and health
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  3. Professional mode is really hard D:

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