Lock on skill?

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User Info: killdjsolo

5 years ago#1
How does it work? Does it improve your aiming on sniper only or all guns?

User Info: AviaraBlue

5 years ago#2
Notice how your cross hair bounces around? That skill helps fix it.
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User Info: killdjsolo

5 years ago#3
I leveled to 2 but it still bounces :(
is it the red dot for all guns?

User Info: Zoey_Louis

5 years ago#4
I leveled it up to 2 as well and it seems to do absolutely nothing.

There is still a massive amount of sway with level 2 equipped. Wish I had gone with the recoil level 2 one instead.
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User Info: Reign_Of_Rain

5 years ago#5
I don't think it's the sway at all, I think it's the size of the crosshairs or in other words do your bullets go right in the middle or not. I noticed with level 2, the crosshairs were a lot smaller/tighter.
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