4.5 Million sold! Sup haters!?

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User Info: King Azar

King Azar
4 years ago#191
evillocke posted...
caffiend7 posted...
Crapcom was right, American gamers are idiots

Racist much?

"American" isn't an ethnicity, nor does "American equals Caucasian".
Jack Nicholson is the only man alive that can make dancing to Prince, scary.

User Info: Mugen_Wing

4 years ago#192
wh0_kn0ws posted...
caffiend7 posted...
Crapcom was right, American gamers are idiots

funny how they pander to them at the same time.

Then where the hell is my Megaman?

User Info: trill2k11

4 years ago#193
4.5 million sold you mean 4.5 million shipped sup 1st grader learn to read

User Info: XZN

4 years ago#194
And besides
Sales=/= quality.

As much as I hate to use this tired analogy Justin Bieber sells millions of records does that make him a great singer? The Twilight books sold a truly phenomenal amount, does that make it some of the best literature ever written?
The third Transformers film is like the fifth highest grossing film of all time, is it an utterly amazing piece of cinema?
Not at all.
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User Info: chestershadow

4 years ago#195
john293603 posted...
The reason gamespot gave re6 a 4.5 is they couldn't afford the game so they play the demo

Are you mentally challenged? Seriously, I'd like to know, because you've literally said the dumbest thing I've seen all week, and thsts including the debate last night.

User Info: Carpetfluff

4 years ago#196
Shipped does not equal sold to consumers. Shipped means went out to stores; where they could just as easily sit on the shelves until they get dropped in price to move as be sold. It's the re-stock numbers that really show how well a game is selling.

Not to mention most big retailers will have a certain amount on sale or return as a standard policy for taking larger numbers day one.

Frankly, I don't care what happens with the game either way but at least get the facts straight in your head if you want to use them to make a point.

User Info: badbadkitty

4 years ago#197
197 posts in this thread=best thread ever!

User Info: Marley237

4 years ago#198
It really is disappointing that so many copies were sold. Resident Evil is now truly dead, there is no hope of ever returning to its roots. Call of Battlefield: Raccoon City sells more copies, so that's the formula they will stick to.
'The surgeon performed a surgical exploration and saw that the mans injuries were incompatible with life.' ....O_o

User Info: joshl94

4 years ago#199
Call of Duty games sell millions. Doesn't mean that they are good games.

User Info: JugsofMilk

4 years ago#200
Just bought it today.

I may not love it, but I'm pretty sure I'll at least like it.
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