4.5 Million sold! Sup haters!?

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User Info: Dragoon_Kail

5 years ago#211
lol ok, i'm not going to pretend to be an expert here, but from what i've heard from various game developers, game sites & so forth is two things 1- shipped does not equal sold and 2- the publishers have to buy back bulk unsold copies after a certin period of time (not all, it's based on how much sold)

Also i'm assuming the guy who said ORC sold 10 mill typod an extra 0 in there, last i heard it was round 500k a few months ago, if it actually inched it's way up to a mill & change it's still a bomb as again, not stating this as fact, but from what i've heard from gaming sites & people within the buisness is you need to sell at close to or more than 2 million copies to break even (i see publishers brag about 1.5 mill sales, so you could start from there)
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User Info: Video_Game_Czar

5 years ago#212
I'm okay with this.
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User Info: GreatTroySensei

5 years ago#213
Hey haters! Nicki Minaj has sold millions of albums more than Beethoven! Clearly, her music is superior. Make way for that new hotness!

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User Info: skermac

5 years ago#214
All Capcom wants is for sales to equal that of COD so it still has a ways to go. 4.5 million is just starting for them. Anything less that 20 million sales they will be unhappy with.

User Info: StolzPhoenix

5 years ago#215
I don't think the 4.5 million copies sold is an accurate reflection of this being a good game, but rather resident evil being a good franchise. People are going to go buy it because there's at least 5 other games that indicate this one will be good. A lot of people will ignore bad reviews or an unimpressive demo because they truely love the series. FXIII and Diablo III kind of had the some problem.

The unfortunate side of this is almost guarantees the next game will also be bad because the developers don't learn they're lesson. They just say "well we sold xxx copies so it couldn't have been that bad." Sorry but I'm not going to try to convince myself that a bad game is good regardless of how great the rest of the franchise was.

I don't doubt theres a lot of people who actually enjoy the game but I think the people who make topics like this or are offended by poor reviews or criticism are simply in denial that it's just a mediocre game. Which is ironic that you then call people who can acknoledge it for what it is "sheep" lol.

User Info: gamestop27

5 years ago#216
XZN posted...
And besides
Sales=/= quality.

As much as I hate to use this tired analogy Justin Bieber sells millions of records does that make him a great singer? The Twilight books sold a truly phenomenal amount, does that make it some of the best literature ever written?
The third Transformers film is like the fifth highest grossing film of all time, is it an utterly amazing piece of cinema?
Not at all.

No, what it means is that a lot of people like them. People who bring this analogy up are under the false impression that the works they are listing with favorable reception are bad and think they're interpretation of the success of these works across various mediums is applicable to everyone.
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User Info: Cable_mvc2

5 years ago#217
E.T shipped 5 million and sold 1.5 million.


User Info: Madigari

5 years ago#218
Cable_mvc2 posted...
E.T shipped 5 million and sold 1.5 million.


Seagulls and dumpster divers have always been the biggest market for game developers.
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User Info: Ziterenkoy

5 years ago#219
And of that 4.5 4m were sold or traded in soon after.

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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

5 years ago#220
it's simple. just be nice.
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