4.5 Million sold! Sup haters!?

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User Info: chaostdk

5 years ago#71
AdonistheDark posted...
An industry terrified of repeating the Twilight Princess debacle where an 8.8 was received as a jihad against fans greenlit a AAA title for what, if disingenuous, would amount to character assassination despite it being highly anticipated with a devoted fanbase for a short-term boost in hits at the cost of alienating their readership in the long-term.

All of that, mind you, premised on the idea reviewers MUST sacrifice a AAA title "during this particular season" despite there being no precedent for such an idea.

This, to you, is more plausible than Capcom simply dropping the ball when the complaints are consistent throughout all reviews (even the positive ones) and the negative fan response? What it must be like in the suspicious little brain of yours!

The "contrarian to gain notoriety" theory is normally reserved for smaller sites like Destructoid. I'm to believe panderers with relative success like IGN are suddenly bucking old trends?

devoted fanbase was the first mistake there. while devoted, the fans of the resident evil franchise are split in a very polarized manner. you have the "old timers" who yearn for the old resident evil, with fixed camera angles, tank controls, and puzzles. those that decry that the new games are not the survival horror they came to grow up with, and then you have the "4 and uppers" that the old timers have come to assosciate with anyone who actually liked the gameplay of resident evil 4 onwards.

secondly, the backlash would be more noticable with a series such as legend of zelda given how the franchise as a whole has garnered rankings of high to... high. no seriously, outside the cd-i games, the lowest ranking zelda games are the remakes of the first and second one for GBA. on top of that, the series has gained critical acclaim with its much more recent games, with critics to this day going so far as to say something along the lines of, oh i dont know, "ocarina of time is the best video game ever".

more so on that, the complaints that are shared both by actual reviewers and trolls alike are minor parts of the game as a whole, yet magically constitute to major point deduction? in what planet is that even feasible?

i remember reading the gamespot article and certain parts of it made me guffaw. lines like certain qte's "require super human wiggling speeds" which i found to only be true if you are silly enough to only wiggle one stick instead of both, a tip i found during the loading screen. or how "cumbersome" it is to press r2 and square to combine herbs and quick drop it into your pill packet (again another tip i found on the loading screen). i understand that the reviewer is pressed on time to release his vaunted two bits on the game, but it leaves me wondering how much time did he spend checking to see if the problems he found really lay with the game or with himself.

moreover, a good amount of people seem to forget the things resident evil (as a series) borrowed from. the original re1 did a copious amount of going off and mimmicking a very bad 80s b-movie horror flick, right down to the silly voice acting and the dubious live action performance. people look fondly on that. these more recent ones take theirs from the more recent brand of non "teenage group out in the woods" type of horror/thriller movies, where copious amounts of explosions happen. yet the critics pan the game having too much action, even going on to just flat out saying that it has bayisms.

i mean really, not knowing how to do things that are given to you as a tip within the game and "bayisms" are criteria with which one can dock major points off of a game now? really?

User Info: skeithxth

5 years ago#72
vhunter14 posted...
To add to sales topic i googled it and i read it on the orc board but raccoon city sold 2 million units, this game will do much better. Besides this game is actually..you know awesome

It isn't a crappy remake or re-imagining of 2 of the most popular games in the entire series. Ofcourse it's going to sell better. It's a main, numbered title in the series produced and developed by Capcom. RE6 selling well was doomed from the start. Put a number on ANY game from a well received franchise that's both developed and produced by its progenitors (harhar) and it'll probably sell well. If not, atleast decently.
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User Info: VasQwibQwib

5 years ago#73
ITT: Sales mean quality and COD, Halo and Gears games are excellent games. FF13 isn't horrible et cetera.

Bad games very often sell well if they're part of an already popular franchise. I don't think anyone would claim that RE6 would flop sales wise. It did fail miserably quality wise though.

User Info: Cable_mvc2

5 years ago#74
LOL trying to troll and failed terribly. shipped does not mean sold.

User Info: vishmarx

5 years ago#75
shipped means capcom got their money

User Info: skeithxth

5 years ago#76
VasQwibQwib posted...
FF13 isn't horrible et cetera.

Okay now that's just a damn lie. =P

But according to my last post, atleast you get the logistics. It's a numbered title. it's part of the main, cannon series. And produced and developed by it's originators. It's obviously gonna sell well...even if it only sells decently.
Yo Sephiroth, I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish but Kefka Palazzo is the best Final Fantasy villain of all time.

User Info: Cable_mvc2

5 years ago#77
vishmarx posted...
shipped means capcom got their money

No, if it doesn't sell they have to buy the game back.

User Info: wokiboy67

5 years ago#78
It's easy to understand why they left out most of the horror parts though. They're trying to reach a much broader audience out there. Figure they will sell more copies if they bring in more action and less horror. Personally i liked the old series better. From the first one and to resi 4. And that's the 'problem',some people don't like the change of events.

If it's true what some of the reviewers write about it being a stick-wiggling,quick time event mess,then i agree with them. It's like playing a sports game from the eighties then, crippling your fingers to run or jump fast enough. 4.5 million sold? nope,as some of you have pointed out : 4.5 million shipped. Big difference. Do we want more cut-scenes, more action or more horror with limited ammo and the survival type of game?
Never forgive,never forget.

User Info: Alky88

5 years ago#79
Cable_mvc2 posted...
LOL trying to troll and failed terribly. shipped does not mean sold.

True however RE6 was sold out in a lot of places and that means there'll be another shipment soon. To Capcom shipped= sold because retailers have bought those copies from them.
This also doesn't account for digital sales obviously and considering those were available day 1 I'd say they could amount to something as well.
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User Info: Doom_Infinite

5 years ago#80
Hi2utoo posted...

Yeah. Sup! Eat that you review sheep. GOTY material. Capcom faces adversity and triumphs. RE series never been better.

Shipped not sold, gee please read the links before asking others to.
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