Why is this game no longer scary?

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User Info: Rafedx

5 years ago#11
F00tballguy2002 posted...
I remember playing RE and RE 2 in elementary school....I use to get nervous when going into the next room thinking what might be on the other side, and my hands would be cold while I'm playing.

Anyways, this kind of feeling stopped with RE 4 and onwards (the only time wen RE 4 was kind of scary, was fighting the regen monsters in the little hallway and freezer).

RE 5 is just...not scary at all. It's an action game, and most of the time I find myself sprinting through zombie packs, dodging the zombies, and bashing in their skulls. Rather than being scared.

You answered your own question, you played the old games in Elementary school. Everything I thought was scary when I was a kid is laughable now. Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc.

You actually answered it twice come to think of it, saying RE5 was more of an action game is true, just like RE6 is an action game as well, with a few horror elements that don't work, at least not on me.
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User Info: BigSharkZ

5 years ago#12
Steve__Burnside posted...
BigSharkZ posted...
Because you grew up.

This is a bulls*** excuse as to why games aren't scary anymore.

It is not. I can guarantee you a kid could be easily scared while playing this game. I was scared A LOT by the older Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, and now I replay them and they make me laugh. Nothing virtual scares me anymore. Now, if these were in real life, that would be another thing obviously, but otherwise, nothing scares me, and I've seen a lot of crap in my life.
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User Info: Lewisrich

5 years ago#13
Everyones different, I personally found that Leon's and Ada's section do have the atmosphere and a few jump scares. Surprisingly Chris' camapign when your looking for keycards on the ship had a RE Revelations vibe which I loved.
So yeah imo the game does have a few creepy moments and jump scares but still heavy on the action, but to me that's fine.
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User Info: DemiFist

5 years ago#14
Resident Evil has never been scary. It definitely made me jump a few times back in the day, but most of that was just quick shocks as everyone has already said it was scary because you experienced it at a young age.
Silent Hill was scarier than Resident Evil back then from what I remember.
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User Info: killerdestroyer

5 years ago#15
BigSharkZ posted...
Because you grew up.

This mixed with fear being subjective.

Games like Silent Hill still scare me for the psychological aspect, but none of the RE games scare me, and they used to alot when i was young, but not anymore.
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User Info: shagohad3

5 years ago#17
Easy question, because Dead Space stole it when RE wasn't lookng
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User Info: Steve__Burnside

5 years ago#18
And people saying, "RE is not scary" have you ever thought it's because you've played them all a 100 times?

I mean I know horror is subjective and not everyone gets scared by certain things, but of course I'm not going to get scared by RE3 anymore because I know what's going to happen and I've become desensitized by it.

REvelations managed to scare me. If they made a true survival horror Resident Evil game, I'm sure alot of people would get scared by it. And of course people aren't going to get scared by RE6/RE5 because they aren't horror games, they're action games.
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User Info: saunders0910

5 years ago#19
you are all macho idiots.

of course games have the potential to be scary..i dont think there are really any commercial franchises that are accomplishing this right now..doom3 and silent hill 4 were pretty close IMO.

but this "you grew up" argument is bogus. no one is making a true horror game at the moment. and lets be honest, as long as there's a machine gun in the game its gonna be hard for it to be scary

User Info: Azure_lKite

5 years ago#20
ih0tfirei posted...

Dead space 2 wasn't scary

This is entirely false. I don't know if I'd call it scary, but if you play the game with a proper sound source (i.e, a surround setup or a gaming headset), AND play on Hardcore when you can only save three times, the level of tension that builds up is pretty high. In fact, some people disliked that mode because of that.

And growing up has nothing to do with being scary or not. Even when I was a kid, I wasn't ever scared of old RE games, while Dead Space made me jump several times and I found Corpse Party disturbing.
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