Why is this game no longer scary?

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User Info: Artemicion82

4 years ago#91
Horror is still entertainment, so it still has an audience even if it's not scary, the whole "if it's not scary why make it" doesn't really matter if it still sells.

User Info: Ellesarien

4 years ago#92
Aceviper posted...
ljobenza posted...
If growing up stops horror fiction from being scary then why bother making horror fiction in the first place since it's a largely adult genre?

Yeah, it's a stupid reason. Stop using it.

there is a reason why most 'horror' fictions are just slashers now

Umm...Not really. All the "ghost" or "haunted house" stuff is way more frequent nowadays than a Texas Chainsaw type horror movie.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.

User Info: Kageblade23

4 years ago#93
The Scare Factor is i still get scared at some parts but its not the same type of scared... i still dont know what to expect in the next room and its always a surprise... keep intact with a bit of your imagination some party favors and a dark room oughta put that bounce back in your step

User Info: DahlVaughnni

4 years ago#94
Steve__Burnside posted...
BigSharkZ posted...
Because you grew up.

This is a bulls*** excuse as to why games aren't scary anymore.

You don't understand. They never were scary. Ever. They only scared you because you were a kid.
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User Info: Birth_By_Sorrow

4 years ago#95
BigSharkZ posted...
Because you grew up.


Nothing scares me anymore. Even so called "classics" in both film and video gaming.

"Jaws"? LOL.

"The Excorcist": Pathetic. Can't believe people actually threw up and left the theaters.

"Poltergeist": Nope.

"Paranormal Activity": Seriously!?

"Resident Evil (any)": Polygons are supposed to scare me, especially the crappy graphics of the old games?

"Dead Space": Atmosphere is terrific, but it didn't scare me one bit.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

4 years ago#96
Because this is serious business
"Only the badasses should use the elevator" account of a survivor during a zombie apocalypse

User Info: h_dragonfly82

4 years ago#97
The old games had atmosphere and were more survival oriented
(which translates too: it felt scary / tense)

new games are just generic action shooters....

User Info: Yorchie

4 years ago#98
Because this game is a great action movie, but as a survival horror game, it sucks...

User Info: TheWayofPie

4 years ago#99
Xero Kaiser posted...
Were people ever really scared of Mr. X and Nemesis?

Besides, RE's been around for a long time now and you already know what to expect. There's no mystery anymore. The virus, Umbrella, B.O.Ws, we know everything about all of that. We've had zombies jump at us from every conceivable direction. How can it be scary anymore? It's like watching a Friday The 13th movie. You see someone get separated from the group, you already know what's next. Same deal with RE. You see a body on the ground, you put a bullet in it to make sure it's dead. You walk into a room with a window or a closet, you know something's going to jump out.

I don't think you can have fear without mystery and all the mystery is long gone.

Exactly. Fear usually comes from things people don't understand or don't know about. Resident Evil right now has neither. Also, when a person gets older an idea tends to become scarier than a mutilated zombie face eating things.
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User Info: spectermaster14

4 years ago#100
From: Fayt16 | #026
The grew up excuse is pathetic!
Its the same with silent hill games, the companies are aiming for the morons who like stupid CoD games, giving you nothing to get scared about!

Go play Lone survivor, silent hill 1 to 3, re 1 to 3, hell, even apresite eve 1 and 2 make you go "oh crap whats gonna hapen next" if you replay them now!

In the new re games you go..."oh hey more things to shoot at with my neverending surplus of ammo...nothing to get worried about!"

I didn't think I could see something this stupid on the internet, but here we are.

No, seriously, all dumb ass "HURR COOOOOOD" nonsense aside, people grew up, that's genuinely all there is to it. There is nothing scary about the old games. Silent Hill? Absolutely, if only for the psychological aspect. RE? Unless you're scared by pixelated monsters and loud noises, no, they should not scare you. There's nothing macho about it, it's a case of the game just being goofy from an adult point of view. I can't believe some of the defenses I'm seeing here.
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