Dragon's Dogma or this?

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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#1
Which game is better in your opinion? I have not touched the dog.
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User Info: LeonPlisken

4 years ago#2
What? You haven't touched a dog?

That's a toss up really. I'm having a ridiculously big time with RE6, but I own Dragons Dogma and love it too. It boils down to if you want a massive open world in a fantasy setting, or just some good old fashioned shooting zombies.
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User Info: gunsmithcat

4 years ago#3
Dd is really good, and you can appreciate it a year from now for 20 dollars. Re6 is really fun and a lot of multiplayer so why its popular... re6.

User Info: UncleWesker

4 years ago#4
Dragon's Dogma is quite good. This game not so much.
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User Info: Takeda123

4 years ago#5
Hey guys which game is better?

Call of Duty or Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13?

User Info: tiosuke

4 years ago#6
get dark souls instead. then get re6

User Info: Billysan

4 years ago#7
Dragons Dogma kinda sucks. How did it get better reviews...? The gameplay is repetitive and dull and the art direction sucks major ass.

It's a awful way to waste your time, if you want to invest 200 game hours on something then there are better games for that.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#8
DD has some really good combat and a nice tense of exploration and one of the best boss battles this generation. However most other aspects of it are pretty dull. the world isnt interesting, the enemies will wear thin after a dozen hours and they respawn, story takes forever to get going, 90% of the quests are boring generic fair and theres no interesting characters. its a fun game, but imo its only worth about $20. Lot of content and some interesting online mechanics though.

RE6 also has good combat, a better sense of atmosphere and art design, enemies objectives ect. are all more varied. It takes a bit more effort to get used to its mechanics and its a bit inconsistent with its design. It also has interesting online modes and unlockables and a nice amount of content. A bigger emphasis on story and characters as well. Personally id say RE6 is more worth its acking price even with its faults.

tiosuke posted...
get dark souls instead. then get re6
or that.
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