RE6 mercs is much harder than RE5 mercs

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User Info: Felurian

5 years ago#51
I got an S-Rank (about 230k score) first try when I finally got a game - although I'd put that down to good teamwork. It's really that the enemy is thinly spread more than anything. Shotguns aren't as useful as before because they aren't huddled together and even melee attacks aren't as effective without softening the enemy up first.

So it's not that RE6's Mercenaries is harder than RE5's, it just requires a different play style.

User Info: ZakuLordJoe

5 years ago#52
I got a 75,000 score with Leon, and all I received was a D.

Load of BS. Don't think I'll be playing Mercenaries much. I don't have what it takes.
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User Info: T_H_E_O

5 years ago#53
I think RE5 Mercs is easy to be SS, but hard to maintain 150 combo (melee), or more technically - you have to stand on the spawn point in order to lurk every enemy out, not to mention the chicken. But it is much fast pack than RE6, as Cobra strike almost a gurantee one hit kill no matter what.

Butt in RE6, the enemy number is more than 150 indeed and the "counter attack" / R1 button/ move and shoot actually make it more easy to kill everyone. The only bad thing it, you dont know if your third melee can gurantee finish your enemy, sometime they can still alive after stomp for 2 times.

User Info: Manimal_F0r3v3r

5 years ago#54
Can't wait to play mercs mode later
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User Info: Burake89

5 years ago#55
I don't understand those who claim RE6 is easier. Also claiming an S rank first try... really, come on now.
In RE5 I could play as Jill, or Wesker and rack up near 800,000 points, it was tough to achieve but I could manage with a good partner, an ok partner and I could still manage around 300,000 points.
It took a while to master my technique, I didn't instantly get that good at it. RE6 is a diff play style because you must manage your melee and items more efficiently and not as easily which makes it harder.
As many have stated, you can dominate, but your partner goes down and without a second to spare he dies... Why even have a partner there if they cant revive? Staying away to cover more ground and separate the enemy is a good tactic so you are both not swarmed as bad, but if one goes down you are basically done.
Skills in RE6 offer slight help, but not so much that you are invincible so no one can say that skills make it easier, they do assist, yes. Also, it is much easier to move and such in RE6, but the enemy moves just as easily as well, so it isn't much of an advantage.
You have large fat guy stompin at you, pack of dogs at every angle, zombies with a magnum hittin you every shot from across the map, armored zombies, leaping mutant zombies, spitting zombies, etc and you think its easier to avoid all of that all at once... It is way harder to tolerate. You can dodge, yes, however you cannot dodge every single attack coming at you, sometimes you get cheap shot from behind or the side, maybe you miss the button just slightly, or two attacks comin at you so you dodge one but get hit with the other, and every hit on you wastes more time causing the swarm to close in and if you are running the entire time you can't get off kills nearly as quick, maybe you can keep the chain but you must still worry about time running down.
I have tried RE6 UC at least ten times, I have not died yet, but out of the ten I have only survived twice cause partner dies and I am unable to teleport to assist him cause enemy insta kills him during animation. My screen flashes and blinds me, wasting my time while the enemy immediately kills him.
Not to mention the dark areas where you can barely even see the silhouette of an enemy coming at you. It is a diff play style and a much harder one it would seem. I don't think anyone can just pick up a game and master it first try. I am sure with polished technique and a good partner I could manage unlocking all maps, though there are very few of them, and all characters (Wish they would bring Krauser, Wesker, and Jill back) but it won't be easy. Especially when around 100,000 points got you a high rank in 5, but in 6- 100,000 barely gets you a C.
I consider myself a good gamer, I can adapt to nearly any play style and any game and with practice I can get quite good at them, but to say RE6 is easier than 5 is... not true. More variety of enemies, larger swarms, more projectile types to avoid, darker areas, harder to melee insta kill enemy, harder to revive partner. Not to mention I never seem to pick up grenades, or magnum ammo from enemies, its always skill points and pistol ammo which doesn't help when surviving long term against more and more tougher enemies...
Chaining kills is easier cause less strict time limit, but that doesn't make the game itself easier. I have played every RE game, adapted to the changing play styles and techniques, but I find this game by far the toughest as far as Merc mode.
It may be easier for hardcore gamers who find anything a push over, but for the average gamer this is too hard. At least in 5 I could just play for fun and enjoy a simple A rank comfortably, but in 6 I fight tooth and nail and barely get a C, if my partner survives, where is the enjoyment in that? In 5 I even got my sister playing it and surviving along with me, she not a gamer at all... if she were to try this she would never play again after first try. Even amateurs should be able to enjoy, but they can't.

User Info: shadowsofdawn

5 years ago#56
^ Mother of God, that wall of text.
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User Info: Burake89

5 years ago#57
I posted that huge wall of text :p I just now tried Solo with Jake on UC and got a higher score than I ever got with a partner. So here is what I have concluded: RE5 is much easier when playing with a partner, yet do-able solo. RE6 is much easier solo, which sucks for those who wanna team up, but is much harder duo. I noticed that much harder enemies in a much larger swarm come out in duo than in solo as well. So the big debate about which is easier is circumstantial based on many different internal topics. Many who claim it is easier were probably playing by themselves, however with a partner it is much harder and definitely not easier than RE5 ;) case closed lol

User Info: g0tek

5 years ago#58
Either way it comes down to personal opinion. It may have been due to all the time put into 5 but keeping a combo is easier, killing things is easier and avoiding damage is easier, have no idea how people die so much when they have so many movement and melee options available to them, and melee in a crowd is still very doable if your aim and countering abilities are up to snuff.

User Info: Rage028

5 years ago#59
I don't know... I think RE6 Mercs is easier... significantly so.

1. Enemies seem to hunt you more readily.
2. Enemies don't have specific spawn zones that you must be in for them to appear.
3. Being that they hunt you, you don't have to go hunting to look for that last batch of enemies of the 150.
4. There's an enemy counter for you, so you know when bosses / special creatures will appear.
5. With the skills you can bring things that are appropriate / necessary.
6a. Quickshot means people that can't shoot for crap can still hit things without aiming.
6b. Quickshot stuns the enemy for those that can't aim for the head/arm shot, for an easy melee hit / kill.
7. Time is less important to score, where every +5s in RE5 was critically important to a good score.
8. You can now dodge, roll, slide, even slide to take down timers.
9. Item give range is near half the map.
10. Combining items such as herbs is simply pressing X, then X, then X to store.
11. With the new combat system, you can melee more easily.
12. Remote bombs
13. Incendiary grenades are basically instant death
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User Info: Omega_Zero_XP

5 years ago#60
yeah, mercs6 is harder, but it seems so much deeper with those skills.
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